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How to care for your hair in the summer!

In my article “This is wearing” man “2018 – fashion and hairstyle trends” I have already briefly on fashionable summer hair trends for men received. The whole thing is now deepened in this article. In addition, I go into what you should pay attention to, so that the scalp is not sizzling from the sun and melt away hair care products.

While there are many ways to care for your hair in warmer weather, one of the best solutions is to have a solid foundation with the right cut. Especially in the summer you should put on a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and is not affected by heat or moisture.

In addition, it is also the case that from a shorter haircut chlorine from the pool can be easily washed out, as from a long hairstyle. You should definitely do it too, as the chemical damages the hair in the long run and it feels like straw.

Short hairstyles and sunscreen

Especially in summer, it is therefore advisable to put on a tight, short haircut. Or on a hairstyle, which rejuvenates. Say side shorter, long up. Of course, less hair on the head tends to less sweat. In addition, one is not dependent on unusual care products that fulfill their purpose at 40 ° C and “continuous sunshine” and keep the hairstyle in shape.

What I have not noticed so far in the summer, is the fact that you should also protect the scalp with sunscreen from too much sunlight. Ideally, you do not use 0815 sun cream here, but rather use a sunscreen, which can be applied to the hair. Because not only glatzenträger are affected by direct sunlight.

Short hairstyles also tend to let sunbeams get through their scalp. It’s worth remembering that you can apply sunscreen to your hair and face. For example, you can recommend the following product from Alpecin. It is well suited for hair and head protection, easy to apply and absorbs easily. Afterwards you can still style the hair as usual.

How to care for your hair in the summer!
Alpecin Scalp Sun-Liquid

  • Protects with sun protection factor 15 (SPF 15) effectively against sunburn on the scalp
  • Alpecin caffeine strengthens hair roots at the same time
  • Hereditary hair loss is thus prevented
  • The liquid is easy to apply, distribute well and absorbs quickly
  • The tonic does not grease like many sun creams

Curly hair is happy about coconut oil

If you are looking for a long hairstyle despite tropical temperatures, or prefer curly hairstyles, then you should look for a reasonable coconut oil. It is natural and helps to keep everything nicely hydrated, especially at the hair ends. It can also be used as a wash-out or leave-on cure to hydrate and moisturize the hair.


How to care for your hair in the summer!
Pure Liquid Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • The fractionated oil is often used as a conditioner
  • Fractional coconut oil is great for skin and hair care and can also be wonderfully mixed with essential oils
  • It is odorless and can be combined with other care oils
  • The precious oil is liquid, transparent, odorless and vegan
  • Vegan coconut oil in fractionated quality for natural skin and hair care

Beware of dyed hair

No matter if you have gray hair and color it, because you do not feel comfortable with it or just want to try on another hair color now and then, in the summer you should pay attention to a few things. Because of course, the summer sun can make the color of dyed hair fade. The reason is that fewer clouds allow the UV rays to act more directly on the hair than might be the case in autumn or winter.

But do not worry, for such cases there are products specially designed for dyed hair that limit fading and the onset of paleness. Care should be taken when choosing products that UV protection and vitamins A, C and E are included to prevent future damage.

Bleaching and lightening may be worrying for some. But you can also look at it from a different perspective and take advantage of it. So you can just create a color effect with dark blond and light brown hair, which comes in a natural way to fruition. Due to the natural bleaching of the hair your own hairstyle gets a natural color change that loosens your own style skillfully.

How to care for your hair in the summer!
UV Protection Hair & Scalp LFS 20 Spray

  • SUN PROTECTION FOR SKIN & HAIR: Our Hair & Scalp protects your (head) skin & (dyed) hair against sun discoloration, dehydration & fading & gives skin & hair a silky feel
  • PREVENTIVE: Depending on the choice of the appropriate sun protection factor & depending on the season, time of day and self-protection of the skin, which varies by skin type, it prevents skin aging by the sun
  • WATER-RESISTANT: Thanks to its ultralight formula, our sunscreen spray is non-greasy or sticky, absorbs instantly, forms a water-resistant protective layer and works immediately after application
  • ABSOLUTE PROTECTION: Our sunscreen spray contains exotic plant substances and thanks to sophisticated UVA and UVB protection reliably protects against aggressive sun rays
  • PRACTICAL: While our Sun Spray has an irresistible scent of summer, the 100ml size of the handy pump spray for spraying is ideal for the holidays.

Limit styling attempts to a minimum

Between hot air and harsh UV, summer is not the time to experiment with styles that require the use of many products. Many gels, pastes and creams simply can not stand the heat, run and destroy the hairdo rather than leaving it stylish.

Basically, it is important to avoid water-soluble products. Because sweat has the same effect as water and releases the products over time. Furthermore, it does not make much of a pleasure to find the care products wherever they are not after swimming. If the products begin to flow, there is a risk that they will get into your eyes and cause a sensation or a stinging sensation there.

It is therefore advisable to put on short hairstyles on rather dry care products, which usually provide a matte effect and can not be easily washed out. These usually have the advantage that they do not become sticky or melt so fast when the sun shines a bit.


How to care for your hair in the summer!
Da’Dude Da’Wax Extremely Strong Hair Wax Matt Finish

  • YOU HAVE TO LOOK VERY WELL, THEREFORE YOU USE SOME SPECIAL! Try the high-quality smooth styling cream wax, in which the customers are totally thrilled! Discover the superior finish and forget about your old gel, pomade, paste, mousse or cream.
  • DISCOVER THIS HIDDEN TREASURE. It lasts three times longer than most other brands. So you even save money, because the use of the cream wax is even cheaper over time. Ideal for men, women and children.
  • DO NOT MISS THIS CREATING PRODUCT! Properly applied, the wax works wonders for thick, thin or normal hair types from short to medium length. It gives your hair the texture and hold without sticking and not greasy – whether your style is messy or a well-groomed finish. The wax is also always formable!
  • BE CAREFUL AND SAFE THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN THE RIGHT DECISION, because we offer you outstanding customer service. If you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund on return of the product. In addition, all e-mails are personally answered by the same professional hairdresser who developed the product.

Beard in the summer an absolute must!

The Bart Trends 2018 have their reason to live, not only in the cooler months. Even in summer there is nothing against wearing a beard. On the contrary, you can even recommend it. Explaining this is easy. Longer hairstyles protect your scalp from ultraviolet rays because your hair does not let them through directly on the skin. The same applies to the beard.

Say, who wears a long, well-groomed beard, he has less to worry about UV rays. The skin simply gets a second “protective layer” in the form of whiskers on top. Of course it is advisable to cultivate your own beard in the summer. Because chlorine makes no difference between beard and head hair. Shampooing, conditioning and conditioning with a high-quality beard oil is therefore rather a duty than a freestyle!

The right hairstyle for the summer of 2018

How to care for your hair now and what to look for, you should have learned from previous paragraphs. But which hairstyle is worn in the summer? Here I would like to refer you to my contributions to “Trendy Hairstyles Trends for 2018 – Men’s Expectations” as well as “Outlook on Hairstyles Trends 2018 – That’s Expecting Us” . Do you think there’s plenty of inspiration for the rest of the hot days? Otherwise, just drop by on the overview page for hip men’s hairstyles.

Are you still not sure and ask yourself the question: Which hairstyle suits me? , then I have another tip. As with clothing, there is no uniform hairstyle for all men in hairstyles. Therefore, the question is quite justified. Because as different as dress sizes are, it is also the hairstyles that match the individual face shape of a man. But in this guide, you’re guaranteed to find the help you need to find the right hairstyle for you.

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How to care for your hair in the summer!

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