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How do you properly care for your beard?

First of all, you have to be clear about what a beard actually is: beards are hair, hair, nails and skin have the same base of needed nutrients. What’s good for the hair also helps the other’s recovery, growth and shine. In the case of environmental influences, it is the same which causes problems for the overall package. If you notice any effects, such as brittleness, then you often suffer from dry skin and thin fingernails.

With the thinner hair, this is always visible first and all stabilization measures change the beard growth for the better. This is evident in the shaving process: While strong beard hair is much easier to cut off, weak, thin hairs quickly escape the blade and the results are far less accurate than healthy beard growth. If one does not manage any problems with natural, high-loaded nutrient supply, this can be a sign of needing medical advice and treatment.

When affirming one’s inner health one only needs to worry about outer care. The male facial beard has its own rules how quickly and efficiently the growth can be maintained. For this, only minimal knowledge to be gained quickly is necessary.

Did you know that …

  • Whisker grows twice as fast as head hair?
  • Whisker is twice as strong as head hair?
  • the beard hair is in opposition to the detachment of skin cells and a regular facial peel provides relief and is therefore often recommended even more in men than in the ladies?
  • The shaving process should be better practiced before breakfast, as the cheek muscles are perfused and invigorated by chewing.

How does the professional approach the beard care?

The professional determines the choice of technique when cutting by no less than four factors. Starting with the face shape – whether narrow, oval, square or round: To decide exactly where to put the contours, but also with the right hairstyle, glasses or headgear, every man should have once performed the classification of his face shape.

The individual beard growth: The question of the growth speed and the density should be included in the question of the concrete beard design. At least possible advantages and disadvantages of the individual options are known, which often come to light, of course, only in the daily care.

Beard shape and type – in this step, only the definitive contours are determined – unless the clean-shaven man has the best benefits as such.

Contours set with a certain beard length: It should precede a preparation with warm compress and the exact contour setting done with the machine head of the hair clipper.

The manual care

Of course, proper care depends on the type of facial hair you have chosen. Including the complete removal of the beard, so a completely smooth shave. Since today many current beard forms in the man represent a combination of different crops, such as the “pointed or goatee” for alternative style, depending on the need to carry out independently the modifications in the care.

Supporting devices are numerous. If one considers the frequency of use and the important impression of the face, definite buying recommendations of such utensils are pronounced. Some modern bearded plants can not manage without them. Subsequently, the care of all facial parts is described, which are affected by the beard growth with respect to the preferred styling.

The complete shave shave

Here it is less the beard growth itself, but the facial skin, which is to be maintained and on which regularly sharp and precise shaves take place. This lot may require special care for one or the other, which goes far beyond the after-shave for disinfection. In addition, the soothing effect of lotions and moisturizing emulsions or face creams is recommended here. Since the man has no choice but to “cost” through the offers and find out his own preferences.

The recipe for success of the shaving shaving is here once more to call life: Beard soak in a damp, warm environment – Foam and wait 5 minutes – Experienced shave against the grain – intensive care without sharp products after each procedure!

The three-day beard and the Henriquatre

Grow for three days – but control of length and contours every day is the motto. The use of a razor is probably best suited for this purpose. On rather straight surfaces such as the cheeks, however, a beard trimmer is recommended. The result is uniformity.

The subgroup of the three-day beard, the Henriquatre, is at least partly to be maintained in the same way. Only the contours require even more accuracy: from the upper lip to the chin, where at the set point the conclusion is “set”, the mustache remains connected. The effect may be a bit “rough”, regularly trimmed and not tattered but also a suitable style for upmarket companies.

Men with irregular beard growth have a much harder time here: the uneven effect is only manageable and requires a lot of training and frequent grooming. The same thing happens with the cotellette beard, whose differences are marginal.

The Traditionalist: mustache wearer

The most common beard care product for mustaches is the beard waft. It consists mainly of beeswax and vaseline, other additives differ only by producer or the specific product. The choice can therefore be made quite freely. By heating and cooling, enriched by dyes, fragrances, or alkalis, the paste gets its protective and nourishing property, which also as a styling gel is faithful to its task. Apply by fingertip, it can be well applied and incorporated. The beard becomes soft and can be brought into any desired shape.

But you have to remove it in the evening, for which warm water is not sufficient for all products and always. For some items you should use a bartshampoo. These are used like hair shampoo, except that sometimes a second pass is necessary, for example if you apply too much of the good or if you are dealing with very strong beard wefts.
How do you properly care for your beard?

The beard

He is on the rise again: The full beard bearer and his reviving salon ability really needs good care so as not to become a highly personal faux pas. The good razor or beard trimmer ensures uniform length, the receipt of which is practically the first basic rule. Although you save the basic shave but never the morning care procedure.

All too easily the so-called “bum-effect” arises here, which gives the impression after only one day of carelessness, as if one left the beard out of sheer laziness or unkemptness.

Some combine it with plaited plaits, shaved areas or color creations: caution should be exercised here, society reflects this somewhat well on the artist, but the bank director would disapprove of many in this presentation, even if he would do his job better than anyone other.

In addition, the shaver, its special features and quality sets the tone, while the selection for particularly individualistic results makes up the majority of this difference.

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How do you properly care for your beard?

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