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Hairstyles: Unstructured surfer hairstyles are trendy

Since the 1960s, the surfer very popular , although they could not really prevail at any time. Especially in the 90s, there were significantly fewer gentlemen who could make friends with this hairstyle.

The surfer hairstyle

Actually incomprehensible, such a surfer hairstyle is extremely easy to care for – hair swirls, a little longer, hardly any effort with comb or gel.

Of course, nobody really needs to be an active surfer to wear a surfer hairstyle. But a reasonably sporty figure should already exist.

The hair should be a bit longer, ideally shoulder length. In this country, a bleaching is usually necessary to get the perfect look. In hot areas, where actually surfing, sun and water do the rest and ensure the bleaching of the hair.

Today, the surfer hairstyles are usually upgraded. It is even possible to have a pony cut. So that the hairstyle is not too feminine, the pony should be cut diagonally.

The styling and care of surfer hairstyles

But it is a fallacy that the surfer’s hairstyle looks like painted by itself. She also needs a certain amount of styling, hair wax or gel man just can not pass. However, only small amounts of it are kneaded.

If you do not know how to imagine the styling, just have a look into the world of stars and starlets. Because there have been many famous men who have tried it with the surfer hairstyle. Above all, David Beckham and Owen Wilson must be mentioned here.

The styling is not very time consuming, but the hairstyle in the morning must definitely be put in order. An absolute no-go are stringy hair. Daily washing with a mild shampoo is therefore mandatory. In addition, the hair must not look taken, which is often not easy with longer hair.

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Hairstyles: Unstructured surfer hairstyles are trendy

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