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Hairstyles: The Short Hairstyle – Many Styling Options

In men, the hair length is defined differently for a short hairstyle than for women. Even then, when the hair reaches only slightly over the collar of the shirt or the modern suit, the men’s hair is no longer considered short but already long.

Shorthair Hairstyle – Timeless Style

But men have so many different ways to style their hair with an attractive short hairstyle that many women are jealous. Because: In men, everything is allowed and almost everything timelessly modern.

Very short – or not available?

Many gentlemen swear by the raspelkurzen look – easy to style and always good-looking. Just put a little gel in your hair and let it stick out in all directions – ready.

However, this is only for those who can count themselves among the lucky ones who still have no receding hairline or beginning balding head. The latter, in turn, can make nails with their heads and try the complete bald head.

Of course it has to be renewed again and again, because after all the hair grows daily and after only two days the stubble is visible. In this respect, a bald is quite a care-consuming – and is not available to every man. The shape of the head should definitely be considered.

In Leisure and Business – The Shorthair Hairstyle

For a good short hairstyle, it is important that it is always suitable. That means she has to look good in the office as well as be practical in her spare time.

Especially short or medium length hair is very easy to style here. With a little gel you can create that are suitable for evening outings.

The hair is simply messed up in the spare time modern and with a current Seitenscheitel combed stands the conservative look nothing in ways. Speaking of side vertex: This is currently observed again at the stars and asterisks and is considered highly modern.

Whether pulled directly to the side, started from the middle in the middle and led forward or in a zigzag look – the side parting is available to every man even with short hair.

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Hairstyles: The Short Hairstyle - Many Styling Options

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