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Hairstyles: The Iroquois – Rebellisch modern

The mohawk is not a modern invention. On the contrary, the old Indians have already adorned it. In the early 1980s, the Iroquois was then again very famous, and especially among the punks.

The haircut became representative of the protest against politics and society. Then the Iroquois slowly disappeared from the scene, only to celebrate his resurrection a short time ago.

Self-confidence is everything

Although the Iroquois is certainly , this is less about this question. Rather, the question arises: How brave is man? The hairstyle automatically attracts everyone’s attention, regardless of whether it comes from women or men. If you have no problem with general attention, you can definitely try the Iroquois.

Of course, it is also important in which industry the crocodile bearer works. A banker will certainly be less trustworthy if he wears a mohawk than if he chooses an elegant man’s hairstyle.

The cut – The Iroquois hairstyle

In a classic mohawk, the sides are shaved up to the top of the head. Only at the top of the head is there a narrow strip of hair. This stripe extends from the forehead to the back of the head. The strip is indeed very narrow, from two to three centimeters is here to go out.

If you want to try a more modern mohawk, you will choose the boxer cut. The pages are not shaved, but only shortened. The hair is here then still a few millimeters long. In both variants, the hair on the middle strip can be left arbitrarily long. With the help of gel or hair wax, the hair is styled upwards.

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Important is the regular regrooving of the sides or the regular shave. Because without them, the whole hairstyle does not work. Hardly a hairstyle appears so quickly grown and neglected, as is the case with the Iroquois.

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Hairstyles: The Iroquois - Rebellisch modern

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