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Hairstyles: The bald – attractiveness and care

In terms of baldness, the ghosts divorce. While some claim that a bald head is masculine and attractive, others think that only premature hair loss should be concealed here. The fact is that men with full hair are considered more attractive.

How attractive are men with bald heads?

Studies have shown, however, that men with bald heads seem taller. For example, subjects were given pictures of men without hair and were awarded a few centimeters more in terms of height. There are also men who really like the hairless head, the example everyone should have in mind here is Bruce Willis. Who can imagine this with a Walle mane ?!

Baldness and attractiveness

Many men are even afraid of baldness, at least in front of an unwanted one. What is certain, however, is that many simply do not stand a chance. Hormonal or genetic reasons cause the hair does not want to stay on the head.

Once out, they are irrevocably lost and never return. In that case a bald head may be the solution. It is fashionable in any case, and if the head shape of the man is still true – and if possible no sail ears disturb the image – is a bald head in the way. After all, hair today hardly has a function, because the protection from sun and cold can also take a hat.

A man with a bald head can always look more attractive than if the few remaining hairs are artfully draped along the forehead.

Balding and care

The scalp is about comparable in terms of their sensitivity to the facial skin. This means that there are also rapid irritations after shaving. Therefore, special care should be taken. After shaving, a short shower with cold water is recommended, which closes the pores of the scalp. Even creaming with a panthenol-containing lotion can soothe the skin.

In winter, attention must be paid to the increased heat loss of the body over the head. In summer, the head must be protected from the sun, here is threatening bald wearers quickly sunburn.

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Hairstyles: The bald - attractiveness and care

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