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Hairstyles: Stylish men's hairstyles with bangs

Long gone are the days when fringe hairstyles were reserved for little girls. A few years ago, women discovered the hairstyle with the hair falling in the forehead, but today it is mainly men who become an eye-catcher.

This is not even a matter of age, because these are both young and older men. Of course, the rest of the styling must be right.

Style the pony

For men, the pony is cut diagonally – hardly a man could imagine going through the world with a pony trimmed just above the eyebrows. The oblique pony needs hardly any styling products. A little gel is usually sufficient.

If you have curly hair on your head and would rather have straight hair, you should definitely treat it with a flat iron. Even the pony can be quickly brought to the desired shape. It only takes a few minutes, but lasts the whole day.

It is important that the pony is regularly recut. About every four to six weeks is therefore the walk to the hairdresser. Of course this depends on the way the pony was cut.

Effect of a hairstyle with pony in men

Men who have a conservative haircut look more masculine and purposeful. However, who wears a pony, generally has longer hair – which are referred to as medium hair already, looking only over the collar edge. Pony bearers look more youthful, fresher, often more interesting.

The pony is especially suitable for men who want to emphasize their eyes, because this is precisely the look is guided by such a haircut. However, if the pony falls in or even completely over the eyes, it only seems unkempt and completely uninteresting.

With a pony hairstyle, the styling can be varied again and again, because after all, such a pony does not have to be worn every day.

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Hairstyles: Stylish men's hairstyles with bangs

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