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Hairstyles: Styling Tips for the Igelschnitt

If you like it in terms of styling, a hedgehog cut is well advised. There are even hairdressers who advise all men to try a hedgehog at least once in their lifetime – and not in childhood, when the parents are the declarers of the hairstyle.

Many women find hedgehog cuts sexy and it tempts to stroke the tips of their hair. Above all, if these were fixed with a little gel, some women ask themselves the question: Is this really a ping?

Attractive hedgehog cuts – look good

Already man becomes an eye-catcher and an object of desire. Of course it also says here: The overall package must be right. Therefore, the hedgehog cut is not suitable for every man, but he must fit into this and emphasize his personality.

It is also important that the hair is well-groomed. An unkempt hairline is of course particularly noticeable in such a short haircut. And who wants to have that as an eye-catcher?

The perfect styling for the hedgehog cut

The hair needs the perfect length for the perfect hedgehog cut. Every hairdresser knows what that length must be. But that also means that regular regrooving is mandatory. But not only a good cut is responsible for a great look, but also the hair care products.

Important to know: wax styles hair differently than gel, hair spray causes a different look than pomade. For the right hedgehog look, wax and the relatively new hair adhesive have proven to be the best solutions. This keeps the

If you prefer a little more relaxed, try gel or pomade. Hair spray, on the other hand, only provides more support and should therefore be used best in conjunction with other styling products. Applied alone, the effect is at best inadequate to describe.

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Hairstyles: Styling Tips for the Igelschnitt

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