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Hairstyles: side parting for the elegant appearance

Men just like it – when it comes to their head. Gone are the days when haircuts had to be as modern and complicated as possible. Now man again wears side parting, just as the fathers and grandfathers of today’s generations.

The side parting is one of the best ways to put the face in a positive way and not look like a Milchbubi still like someone who is about to join the army (with the terrible crew cut).

Advantages side vertex

The side apex may mask an unfavorable profile, depending on which side of the vertex is being pulled. A rather short face is optically stretched with the side parting. With long face shapes, this peak is not advisable, here are cuts in which the face is actually upset, the better choice.

The side vertex is easy to pull: attach in the middle and pull forward at an angle. Whether the vertex is pulled to the left or to the right depends on personal pleasure and the shape of the face. Whatever it pleases.

The side parting looks very elegant and is suitable for every hair length. So even if otherwise rather the strubbellook is preferred, the side parting can be worn well on certain occasions.

Sections for the side parting

The side vertex can, as already mentioned, be worn at any hair length. The cut is classic if the main hair is a little longer, on the sides and in the neck it is cut shorter. For the fashionically ambitious, the following look can also be easily styled: leave the hair a bit longer, pull the side parting and comb the hair in front to a slightly great one.

Whether pomade is used or not depends on the length of the hair and the desired effect. As a rule of thumb, rather than too much pomade should be used rather.

Good hairdressers are now returning to the old craftsmanship and miss their customers cuts that fit them perfectly. In most cases you can also style the side parting.

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Hairstyles: side parting for the elegant appearance

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