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Hairstyles: Just tame curly hair!

Interestingly, many men, if they had the choice and would have to choose between bald and flowing curls, would rather choose the bald head. This is not with curls are not easy to tame.

In addition, many men with curls lack the male appearance – curls are more likely to be associated with women or children.

Hairstyles and curls

There are not many hairstyles that are suitable for a curly hair. If you can not decide on a variant, you can still risk a radical cut. If the hair is no more than five millimeters long, they hardly have a chance to curl up in curls. The shaved bald head is certainly a possibility here. Now very short or nonexistent hair but not every man.

Another variant is the Latino look. However, this requires a little time and a lot of gel. The hair should be up to a maximum of ten inches long. They are combed and kneaded with gel. For longer hair, the front strands can then be styled with the comb back. Finished.

Curly hair care – Tips for curly hair

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Tips for the perfect look!

  1. Curly hair should be dried in the air – alternatively with Diiffusor hair dryer
  2. Do not leave long curly hair too long
  3. Do not use wet styling gels! Grab wax or molding paste

Hairstyles for nature boys with curly hair

If you do not want to appear as a would-be Latino or as a rasp-cut military cut, there’s only one thing left to do: let your hair grow! However, the hair should then only reach down to the shoulder, much longer hair act but very feminine. The curly and long look is not only something for nature boys, but also has something of the styling of a rockers – stylish men ahead!

The hair does not always just hang down. Styled with a side parting man looks very modern and is also in the evening gehfein.

Naturally, curls can also be straightened – men’s curls as well as the curly hair of women. However, you can see this the hair too fast. So if you do not want to be considered vain, you should be careful with the use of the flat iron.

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Hairstyles: Just tame curly hair!

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