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Hairstyles for the transition from summer to autumn – that can be worn!

I already looked at trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2017 here on and also on the overview page for men’s hairstyles there is a lot of inspiration. Nevertheless, I would like to take a closer look and first tips for hairstyles for the transition from summer to fall closer.

Because this time is certainly faster than you think and then you can at least tell his hairdresser, which hairstyle it should be for the transition from summer to fall. Rather short and orderly or rather a little longer and muddled for it.

The limit here is only your own taste and especially the assessment of your own hairdresser, because this was still the best judge of which hairstyle you should set for the transition from summer to autumn and which not. I do not present individual hairstyles in detail today, but rather what you can get out of different hair types and what to look for.

Fine & smooth hair – that’s what you can do with it

Hairstyles for the transition from summer to autumn - that can be worn!

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

No matter if you always have fine, thin hair or this has only recently become thinner, for the summer and warm autumn days you are on the better side. Personally, I often had the experience through my relatively thick, thick hair, that I get hotter in the summer faster, than mates with rather fine, straight hair. But you can not do anything, from both hair types can still do a lot.

Thin hair will make a hairstyle look less full and a little lost if you do not rely on the right haircut. Therefore, you should rely on cuts with such hair, which make the hair and your own hairstyle look fuller. You can certainly count on the following styles: French Crop , the Fringe and the “Mop” . All hairstyles that give the illusion of longer, thicker hair.

If the temperatures are still a little higher, man makes nothing wrong with the buzz-cut . Very short, timeless and super easy to style – because you have to do virtually nothing. For all other, longer hairstyles, adding a little sea salt spray will naturally add texture and volume. In conjunction with a hair dryer the pure wonder weapon.

Thick, straight hair – here too something can be made out of it

Hairstyles for the transition from summer to autumn - that can be worn!

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

How do you know that you have thick hair? Personally, I notice that my hair is still a little wet after showering, even if I have already dried with the towel. But in the summer, it’s mostly the heat that bothers me. Because of course I sweat faster because of my thick hair – in the winter, of course, not so fast, there are not only disadvantages.

Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to a few points on thick and straight hair. So you have to look, that this washes with the right shampoo. Just to keep it soft. Have already made the experience here that it can be straw if you do not wash it properly. And that not only looks modest, it feels the same way.

For the summer and fall days, of course, you can set a completely radical on a Fade Cut / Buzzed Skin Fades . Even thick hair does not unnecessarily attract the warmth, if it can only be guessed by the chosen hairstyle. Of course, it has to be suitable for your own type . I just do not have very short hair at all.

An alternative could be the Au Natural / Long layered cut . Here it is just the hair thinning accordingly. Currently I am wearing a light version of the pompadour . Works wonderfully for me, super easy-care and easy to style. Currently without the use of round brushes and Co.

Slightly curly or wavy hair – that’s the best way to wear it

Hairstyles for the transition from summer to autumn - that can be worn!

Photo by David Fanuel on Unsplash

Light, curly hair is the dream for warm summer days. Due to the loose structure, the wind comes freely to the scalp and can provide a pleasant coolness, even on hot days. The same applies to curly hair. As a man, you can also play wonderfully with the natural volume and texture of your hair. Especially in summer, however, it is important to ensure that the curls do not dry out too fast. Corresponding conditioner should therefore already be used.

But which hairstyles do you use with such a hair type? Personally, I would imagine that Natural Curls , Textured Curls and a long sidepart are a good option for styling slightly curly or wavy hair. Generally, it is important to make sure that less is more. So one should actually consciously emphasize the naturalness of this hair type and support the hair only by appropriate care products.

Hairstyles for the transition from summer to autumn - that can be worn!

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