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Hairstyles for Men – The Buzz Cut

Hairstyles for Men - The Buzz Cut

Of all the hairstyles for men, the Buzz cut , aka the military cut, is the shortest and lowest maintenance. If you are looking for a DIY cut, this is the one for you. Grab some hair clippers, set the guard, and shave.

It’s a good-looking cut that’s not that easy to style. The Buzz cut works for every hair type, especially if you try to tame unruly hair. Believe it or not, this is one of the best ways for a receding hairline because keeping hair short minimizes the appearance of thinner hair.

The sound gets its name from the sound of the clipper, but this cut does not always have to be very short or even a full length. Check out these Celebrity Buzz Cut photos for 3 different ways to get the look.

Hairstyles for Men - The Buzz Cut

James Marsden be pictured in; Characterized in Da Mann wears the classic buzz – a length across the entire cut. They are not short stubble, but long enough that no scalp is visible. This care instructions Men’s cut still looks not only clean but also striking.

Hairstyles for Men - The Buzz Cut

The buzz is also a popular cut for guys with curly hair and especially black man , eliminating the need to manage hair. Will Smith takes the shaved section to the next level by adding a right angle to align the hairline. The sides and the back are also slightly shorter than the top, which gives the cut a certain definition.

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Hairstyles for Men - The Buzz Cut

Jake Gyllenhaal wears another version of the longer buzz cut. There is just enough length to style up with some texture. The sides are shorter, but can also be shaved or cut to fade for extra detail. Or for a more sophisticated style, opt for the Caesar cut with a touch of pony.

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Many men choose the Buzz cut for its simplicity. It can look good with a touch of length or wear it a bit longer at the top for a stylish, less military cut.

Hairstyles for Men - The Buzz Cut

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Hairstyles for Men - The Buzz Cut

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