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Hairstyles: Fast and uncomplicated – the military haircut

Especially in terms of hairstyle, most men like it more practical. It should be easy to get in shape, look good everyday and fit on different occasions. Fast styling is therefore an important prerequisite for your own haircut.

The military hairstyle

Not for nothing the military haircut has become popular again in recent times. What could be easier to care for than short hair? And what works more modern than hair in different lengths?

The military haircut is also referred to as Flattop, also the name Tyson Schnitt should be known to many people. Once it was Bushido and David Beckham who made this cut popular. Today it can be seen everywhere on the streets, where there is no age limit on the wearers of Flattops.

The hair is cut as follows: On the sides, they are cut with the help of a hair clipper, this treatment also gets the back of the head. Only at the top of the head, the hair stays a little longer.

Many men even go a step further and shave the shorter hair parts just wet. At the top of the head, the hair stays stubbornly short. They may not be too long, otherwise the

Variations of the military section

Anyone who chooses the Flattop can give free rein to his creativity. So the hair strip on the top of the head can be wider or narrower. Of course, the length of the hair can be varied, this is ultimately dependent on the time of re-cutting.

It is also possible to apply color. If you like, you can also try a hair tattoo. However, it should be considered that the hairstyle has to fit on as many occasions as possible.

Anyone who styles for an evening disco visit and experiments here with his pigtails may be less well off in the office the next day. Especially with hair dyes should therefore be taken to ensure that they can be washed out easily and disappeared after five washes at the latest.

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Hairstyles: Fast and uncomplicated - the military haircut

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