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Hairstyles: Elegant hairstyles for men and special occasions

For the man, there is not “one” hairstyle, which is elegant in any case and fits the smart suit. Many hairstyles come into question. First and foremost is certainly the side parting, which does not only look elegant, but has also become fashionable again in recent times.

Elegant – hairstyles for special occasions

Medium-length hair, in particular, is easy to style elegantly. Good hairdressers are able to use hair of this length to create many different hairstyles, each of which can be extremely elegant.

Styled with a straight side parting and stabilized with a little gel – finished is the elegant look. But even longer hair can be styled quite well, if they are not worn as an open mane.

Even the hedgehog cut can look elegant, but it is recommended to let the cut a little longer. Combined with a tint and gel, which allows the hair at the tips easily stick together, the elegant look can work even with very short hair. The hair should be at least two inches long.

The complete package – The elegant look

The hairstyle alone does not make it. This looks elegant only if the clothes are right, so the whole package. For elegant fits no jeans in combination with the usual jacket . Here should be worn rather a chic Hugo Boss suit.

The tuxedo is also appropriate. Elegant hairstyles are certainly less suitable for everyday life, but they act on evening festivities or large celebrations.

So if you want to be particularly attractive, interesting and dignified at the next family celebration, you should definitely seek advice from his hairdresser.

Surely this will find a hairstyle that looks elegant, but not stale, modern and yet conservative. It is important that the hairdresser has experience with it, otherwise the targeted section will in most cases be more of an attempt at a fashionable cut – which unfortunately fails.

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Hairstyles: Elegant hairstyles for men and special occasions

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