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Hairstyle Trend – Undercut Men

As you requested, I now also deal with hairstyling and hairstyling. I will introduce you to different hairstyle trends and recommend matching products to the individual hairstyles that will help you to style. Today we take a closer look at a current trend hairstyle. It could also be said that it is the trend hairstyle, the undercut for men! Now widely used and quite portable everywhere. Meanwhile, other trends have developed from the lowercut as the undercut with transition or the undercut with Dutt. Here is an overview of all hairstyles .

What does an undercut look like for men?

All undercuts have the property that the hair of the lower half of the head shaved or shortened and the top hair stays long or longer. Hence the name Undercut = undercut. The variations are unlimited in men. The length of the hair can vary greatly and be adapted to the respective head shape. Actually, there is the right undercut for every face, whether you wear it with the top hair to the back, to the front or to the side. The greater the difference in hair length between your side hair and your top coat, the more noticeable or unobtrusive your hairstyle is. Another part of the hairstyle is the transition between the lower half of the head and the top hair. He can be fluent or abrupt. Men Undercuts are now available in all variations, many of which are mass suitable and with the right style he looks really good. Inspirations and different variants can be found below.

Hairstyle Trend - Undercut Men Hairstyle Trend - Undercut Men

How do you find the right undercut for you?

If you want to wear the undercut for men, you should first think about how you want to wear it. Striking or rather discreet, backwards, forwards or to the side? Depending on your hair needs a certain length, so you should let the hair grow a bit before you visit the barber of your confidence. The barber is stingy not fancy, but fatal, so even spend more than 20 ¬ or at least check out beforehand, if the barber really has it. Tell the stylist you carefully selected how you would like it and how your men should look undercut. Ask Him for His opinion. A good hairdresser will advise you and make suggestions for improvement if you do not have the hairstyle. Now close your eyes, relax and look forward to your new trend hairstyle the undercut for men.

So care & style your undercut

The care and styling make an undercut. Without the right styling, no hairstyle looks good and who uses the right products to style can not go wrong. The care is very simple. Important in the undercut is that the hair is beautifully voluminous. Whether matt or shiny, everyone can decide for themselves. Perfect for this is the Liquorice & Urtica Shampoo by Korres. It gives the hair additional volume and has a degreasing effect. Who uses this shampoo daily makes a big step towards perfect styling. Who wants to treat his hair extra care can still work with a conditioner. Here it is also advisable to pay attention to volume. Suitable for this is eg the volume conditioner from Goldwell. Of course, the conditioner does not have to be used daily, once a week is usually sufficient. Now the right volume is taken care of.

If you want to style your undercut after shampooing, you should first reach for the hair dryer, bend your head down and blow your nose, this will bring extra volume and make your hair stand upright. Now comes the finish with a really good wax that gives your hair the necessary hold. For short to medium length hair we recommend Roughman by Goldwell. It provides a strong hold and a matte look. Those who work with slightly longer hair should Wax taste of Da’Dude. With the wax you can put your hair in position. Your hair should be loose and fluffy.

Who spends his undercut a volume shampoo and a wax used should do everything right. Of course there are many more good products that are good for styling your own.

History of the Undercut

The undercut dates from the 80s, where the men and women from the gothic scene used the extravagant look of the hairstyle to attract attention and visually distinguish themselves even more from others. At about the same time, the undercut for men also found many followers in the metal and punk scene who also took advantage of the extravagance of the haircut. The undercut was certainly already seen earlier in one or the other, but mostly only isolated and not representative of a particular subculture. In the 90s, the undercut was briefly hyped by the techno scene. In the Ravern, however, the top coat was usually very long and the hair was made into a braid – Absolute No Go! In the past, the undercut was mainly used to differentiate subcultures from ordinary citizens and thus offered many eccentrics the opportunity to stand out even more from the masses.

Hairstyle Trend - Undercut Men

The undercut for men today!

Nowadays, the undercut is becoming more and more fashionable, on the streets the style is omnipresent. By simpler and more elegant cuts without shrill colors and elaborate Haarspraystylings he has become sociable and now found in the broad mass. While only a few years ago he was found in subcultures such as the Berlin Hipster, today he is widespread and therefore no longer acceptable for smaller subcultures. Prominent examples include Rihanna, P! Nk, Robyn, Ellie Goulding, Kelly Osbourne or the undercut men Skrillex, Jared Leto Iro, Mario Gomez and and and. Not least the many stars have made the undercut mainstream suitable. In order to stand out today as a man with an undercut, it already requires a particularly extreme version or the even more noticeable sidecut .

You like the article? Then I like it, I would be glad. Of course, I always answer questions in the comments or by e-mail. Here’s an overview of all , let yourself be inspired.

Hairstyle Trend - Undercut Men

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Hairstyle Trend - Undercut Men

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Hairstyle Trend - Undercut Men

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