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Hairstyle trend – The quiff

Slowly but surely you can see the undercut in men on every head. Even with the slightly younger in the age group, between 16 and 20, you hardly see anything else. But there are enough alternatives. Today we introduce you to the American Quiff. A more stylish, classic and elegant alternative to the Undercut that brings the Elvis and Grease flair to the twenty-first century. A touch of Rockabilly is still welcome, and that’s just the thing for the American Quiff.

The American Quiff then and now

The American Quiff is a men’s hairstyle that originated in the 50s. trugen den Quiff. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and almost all actors in the cult movie Grease wore the quiff. Of course the quiff was the absolute trend hairstyle back then and if you look at old pictures of your fathers, uncles or grandfathers, I would bet that at least one of them has worn an American Quiff. The quiff is very versatile and can be worn both elegantly and rigorously, as well as wild and bustling with rock ‘n roll sex appeal. Some stars like David Beckham, Bruno Mars or even Robert Pattinson have already had the quiff on their heads and also on the International catwalks the quiff is no longer a rarity.

Hairstyle trend - The quiff

Quiff, is he something for you too?

The Quiff hairstyle is just like the Undercut very versatile and can be worn with any face. Of course, it is especially fat if you are one of the lucky men with distinctive wagon bones, then the quiff looks especially good. The quiff is ideal for wavy and strong hair, whose hair is too curly, but can get problems styling the great. If you do not like to stand in front of the mirror and style yourself, then the quiff is the wrong hairdo. The quiff needs some time and a daily styling to make it look really good. If you do not want to give up a three-day beard, you can forget the classic American Quiff with great. Here it needs a clean shave so shaved clean except for the Kotletten. If you like the wild and rocky Wavy Quiff, you can also travel with small stubble, as David Beckham does.

So you carry the quiff

The quiff is available in many variants, but the main components remain the same for all quiff variants. oder Sidecut werden die Seiten nie rasiert, sondern nur mit Kamm und Schere geschnitten. The contours of the neck and ear are gently shortened, but unlike the men’s undercut or sidecut , the sides are never shaved but cut only with a comb and scissors. Soft transitions to the longer top coat are created to get a smoother look, which looks less choppy than the undercut. In the quiff, nothing is undercut, but the contours of the neck and ear flow into the longer covering hair. The outer hair should not be much longer than 6cm, otherwise there may be problems with the standing power. However, this depends greatly on the respective hair type. If you have thin and flattened hair, you should try it even shorter to even have the chance that the great girl will stand firm. Who has thick and voluminous hair, can be lucky and let the hair grow longer. If the great does not stop, let go to the barber and have it cut.

If you have problems with stability, you can also try using gel or wax to blow-dry your hair with the help of mousse. Then work wax or gel into the hair. Gel glued more frequently therefore we recommend a wax with very strong hold eg this one . The front part of the cover hair is then styled to a (hinted) Tolle. Depending on how you like it, you can also muddle through the hair and go more in the direction of rocking and alternative. It does not always have to be the perfect Tolle to express a quiff. For a stringy and natural look provides a good and solid wax, who likes it a bit “schmaltzy”, can use a wet gel to make the hair shine really nice. Here we recommend this product that makes the hair shine and bombastic holds well. But it is important that it is a really good wax or gel. When the madman hangs at half past seven, the quiff no longer looks like a classic and elegant hairstyle, but rather like a pile of misery.

The American Quiff hairstyle and the variants like the Wavy Quiff are definitely among the trend hairstyles 2012. It is a great alternative to the Undercut and you can stand out clearly from undercut wearers. So print pictures and go to the hairdresser if he likes you!

Hairstyle trend - The quiff

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Hairstyle trend - The quiff

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Hairstyle trend - The quiff

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