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Hairstyle Trend – Sidecut Men

The sidecut is a very good alternative for men who like it a bit more extreme on their heads. The hairstyle is striking, which is due not least to the asymmetrical shape and the extreme transition. Nevertheless, the sidecut is a hairstyle that is quite suitable for everyday use. The sidecut is also trend among women, which fits the current unisex trend. In this article you will learn what a sidecut is exactly, how it differs from other hairstyles, and of course, how you style and care for it.

What does a sidecut look like?

As the name suggests, the hair is cut or shaved on one side only. The top coat should be long enough to comb it to the other (non-shaved side). Optionally, the hair can of course also be placed on the shaved side, styled up and a pony is possible. The sidecut hairstyle for men is so variable. The only essential thing is that one side is shaved, creating an asymmetrical shape. How “Sick” Your Sidecut Will Depend on Your Overlay Hair Length and Shave. If the hair is shaved to the top of the coat and you have very long hair, a sidecut looks very extreme (as in the musician Skrillex see photo). If your hair is more of a normal length (7 – 8cm), the sides are only shaved to just above the ear and a pony is worn, the sidecut is not that extreme. Everyone can therefore decide individually how the sidecut for men should be. Your hairdresser will know best what fits your head shape here is recommended, however, not a € 10 to go hairdresser but a really experienced and well-trained hairdresser who likes to spend € 30 for a haircut. With the right style, the sidecut in men is really cool.

Hairstyle Trend - Sidecut Men

What do you need for a sidecut?

The most important thing is courage. The sidecut for men is striking and will attract many views. If you do not like that, you should rather keep your hands off the sidecut. Especially important is a good barber. Ask if the person has cut a sidecut before and knows what’s going on. If you have the eggs and found a good hairdresser, a lot of volume and thick hair are never wrong. If you have thin hair, you should not shave too much, because the shaved area looks like a piece of baby-popo. Dark hair is better because it does not give too much visibility to the scalp, but that is a matter of taste and there are also fine sidecut hairstyles for men with light hair. Depending on how much volume your hair has and how thick they are, the type of your sidecut should also be chosen. Of course, always tailored to your head shape and your style of clothing. Your hairdresser will have the best tips on what suits you and your head. And good advice for your dress style you get with us!

If you want to be on top of it, and want to stand out from a “normal” sidecut, you also have the option of shaving a pattern in the shaved area, letting a tattoo sting through when the hair shaves freshly or to have samples dyed to the shaved area. I would rather leave the dyeing to the women, but if you want to highlight yourself, like to be the center of attention, and you want to be caught and spontaneously know a suitable answer to the question “did you lose a bet?”, You can certainly dare. The right styling and good styling products are of course important.

Hairstyle Trend - Sidecut Men


If you have any questions about the sidecut, please ask in the comments or write me an email. When “Likes” and “Tweeds” are of course always welcome!

Hairstyle Trend - Sidecut Men

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Hairstyle Trend - Sidecut Men

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Hairstyle Trend - Sidecut Men

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