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Hairstyle trend – Men Dutt

In addition to the restored beard, Mann now goes all out with his head hair. The topknot can be traced back to antiquity, when women fastened it with jewelery such as hairpins or a comb. The male Dutt, once practical, is now fashionable and can no longer be found alone in the women’s domain. The Dutt for him exudes pure nonchalance, usually found on the back of the head or neck, as it pleases. According to your taste and your hair length.

The styling

The bun is quite simple to do. Man take all the hair, rubbing it backwards and turning it into a light knoll, scrunchy clean and ready. Do better with experiments and use a classic black or brown hair elastic. Do not worry if single strands fall out. You should always wear loose the bun on the road or on the way. But in addition to all the ease he can radiate, the hair should never look greasy or fuzzy. Care is the nuts and bolts. With many hairs on the head and face you slip faster than man thinks in an unkempt exterior, so you should take the tips to care to heart (tips below).

Hairstyle trend - Men Dutt

Casual Herrendutt

Hairstyle trend - Men Dutt

Severe bun

But even the strict version can show advantages. When styling just take the washed, towel-dried hair and pull it backwards, but please do not let it streak. In order for the look to fit perfectly in the picture, some hair oil can be used, it gives the hair shine and they are not complicated by any styling products. Here as an example Jared Leto. Also make sure that the rest of the face looks well looked after and no hair shuffles anywhere. Care is the alpha and omega in the male putty.

The way to the men Dutt

Sounds so far so everything very simple, so why not just go on it? The hardest part is the way to Dutt. Growing the hair of the head, taking care of it and not being neglected during this phase, often complicates the man’s entire procedure. Patience is required and a hairdresser with supporting tips. In the article ” Long hair ” we have already given a few tips for the transition phase. How you’re doing well is described here: click ! Actually, there is something for every phase. However, you should be careful that not too many steps are cut in the hair. In combination with the bun you should not be averse to the beard, whether full beard or 3-day beard is unimportant, only clean shaven you should not be. Rebellious hair and smooth face takes your hairstyle’s punch! If you are prone to fine hair, a high forehead or receding hairline, then the bun is not the right look for you either.

Hairstyle trend - Men Dutt

Well-groomed bun and beard

Mendutt care

As mentioned above, many hairs on the head and face quickly lead to an unkempt exterior. The rule of thumb is that the more hair on the head, the less hair on the face, but this is a little different for Herrendutt. A beard is one of them so you automatically have a lot of hair and that means more care. Especially in the transitional period you should spoil the hair. Mild non-greasy shampoo should be used such as the Goldwell Scalp Sensitive and now and then a cure. Of course, there are also special care products that promote the circulation of the scalp and thus also the hair growth, here we can recommend the “Active” series of GLYNT. That should be enough for most hair. Who wants to wear a strict bun can still resort to hair spray or foam but should always pay attention to the dosage. Too much is never good, unless it has to endure something.

Whether the new hair fashion of men is now developing into a mainstream hair style trend as the undercut or remains stylish and rebellious remains to be seen. We wish you success in growing and keeping up. Here is an overview of . If you liked the article, please leave a like, we would be pleased. Here are a few inspirations from our Pinterest pin board.

Hairstyle trend - Men Dutt

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Hairstyle trend - Men Dutt

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Hairstyle trend - Men Dutt

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