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Hairstyle trend – long hair

Today there is something new about hairstyles! And a rather neglected topic: Because with all hairstyles trends and hair fashions that are so for men, one thing always comes a bit too short: Long hair in men . What exactly “long” means can not be said in general. “Lang” is a matter of opinion, even different from culture to culture. However, as long as one speaks of a hair length that goes beyond the chin, there are really few trends in this direction for men. Why is that? Long hair is culturally attributed to women and also in many other countries. Historically, there were also in Europe again and again different standards and men’s hair was sometimes shorter and longer worn. Even though conventions have clearly liberalized in recent years and there are far fewer taboos in terms of style, men’s short hairstyles are standard. Wearing longer hair for men is still often the reason to stand out from the social norm, to have their own style.

Long Hairstyles for Men – A Trend

But hairstyles that require longer hair in men are increasingly becoming fashionable. Not just with celebrity actors like Johnny Depp or Owen Wilson and singers like Bill Kaulitz or Jared Leto you can watch a mane more and more often, also on the German roads you can see more and more men with long hairstyles. So, such a change should be worth considering. For many faces, a hairstyle with chin-length or even longer hair is quite advantageous. Especially those who have strong, healthy and well-groomed hair, may also like to present them in longer. Whether smooth or wavy hair structure, now there is the perfect cut for everyone. Of course, the hairstyle should also fit the personal style and lifestyle.

Somewhat problematic is the transition from a short hair to a longer hairstyle. For this time you should get advice from your hairdresser and find a good, suitable solution for every length step. There is no alternative to just let the hair grow. To a certain point that works quite well, but at some point, long hair looks neglected. Therefore, you should also visit the barber from time to time during the growth phase. But your friends will remind you, I’m sure. You can find a good guide how to grow your hair here . A little more care naturally requires long hair too. Long hair is at the same time already older hair. It’s best to dry as often as possible in the air instead of blow-drying already brings a lot. A suitable shampoo with appropriate care but can certainly not hurt.

A great example of how long hair looks a lot better for many men is Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn, Lord Of The Rings). The long hair really simply male with him. It gives him sex appeal and masculinity, even if one does not think so about long hair.

Hairstyle trend - long hair

Long hairstyles variants

There are of course many variants of long hairstyles:

Very well known: the surfer boy . He wears his hair air-dried, quietly a bit shaggy and only lightly combed back with his fingers. This beach hairstyle is probably the most accepted of the longhair hairstyles, but of course it absolutely has to match the style. Anyone who has a sporty style and otherwise classifies himself as a Sunnyboy should not just think about this look but just try it out. Most women will thank you!

The men’s Bob (or a streched mane) is a great way to get started with long hair. The hair is cut here quite a length and depending on the hair structure well gefranzt. Quite casually, you can wear this hairstyle with only a little effort fringy or voluminous with natural waves in the hair.

Really long and smooth , then needs a little more courage. Here is less styling, natural shine of healthy hair is all it takes. For rock musicians, a well-represented and iconic hairstyle, but this look is not every man’s or woman’s thing. Very often, this hairstyle is worn by men from the Gothic scene and even with many nerds you can see this hairstyle. Therefore, it is rather negative in our society and completely wrong. Long hair in men can be well maintained and look stylish. More and more fashion labels rely on male models with long hair, often brands from Scandinavia show this look in combination with a beard. However, the hair should never be longer than the shoulders and it is a narrow grade between Nice and Nerd so always ask critical critical the mirror or even listen to the advice of friends.

With the smoother variant of the long hair hairstyles it is also a possibility to wear a part. Here is the side part of the recommendable and can be both left and right. The best way to advise a hairdresser, because often is due to vertebrae or the like one side better than the other. After deciding on a vertex side, the hair is simply worn long and smooth. Maybe fix a bit, but otherwise this hairstyle is uncomplicated.


Of course you also have different styling options with long hair. The hair on the back of the head can be loosely tied together and thus has the effect of leaving the face free and the long hair rather in the background of the appearance. Not quite as strong as that is when you put your hair behind your ear. Here, too, directs the focus more on the face. With a cap or a hair band, you can change your everyday life a bit or save the hairstyle, if the hair is not as you want it.

So no matter what length you personally like best and what type you are, you can find a long hairstyle that suits you. A trend is clearly in this direction. The hairdresser of his confidence is sure to advise you, if you want to try something completely new.


Hairstyle trend - long hair

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Hairstyle trend - long hair

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Hairstyle trend - long hair

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