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Hairstyle trend – Fade

Hairstyle trend - Fade

In recent years, different variants of the undercuts were always the topic. Meanwhile, there is the “classic” lower cut, with shaved sides and long coat hair, barely visible without transition. Instead, fade hairstyles have prevailed in all variations and create so probably a new trend or at least a beautiful and popular alternative to the lowercut or the now also very widespread Dutt.

The Fade hairstyle or often referred to as Razor Faded, is basically a classic short hairstyle, in which the sides are shaved down to the scalp. Towards the top hair, the hair becomes longer and longer, so that at the end they pass into the top hair. So the pages fade the farther down, hence the name “Fade” for this hairstyle. The basic idea of ​​the hairstyle is therefore extremely short side and a slightly longer top coat. However, since every head is a little different and hairstyle is never the same hairstyle, there are many different variants of the fade hairstyle, which are not only suitable for short hair.

Classic fade

The classic fade we have already described in principle above. The sides become shorter and shorter until they end on the scalp. That gives the fading character. The hair is also shaved at the back of the head as on the sides. The top coat can be adjusted as desired in length. Often, however, Pompadour cuts, so easy madness, very popular. However, the hair can also be wavy, curly or wuschelig worn.

Scissor fade

Who does not want it so extreme and does not want to shave his hair down to the scalp, can reach for the Scissor Fade. Here the side hairs are cut with scissors and no knife or razor is used. This hairstyle requires the hairdresser a lot more experience and craftsmanship, as a shaved hairstyle. The look is similar, but it can be worn much longer and looks a little less Barber shop style. Somewhat more pleasing for the masses, who nevertheless would like to have slightly fading pages.

High-mid-low fade

Of course, the fade, ie the fading of the hair, can take place in different positions. These can be sorted in high, medium and low. While the high-fade almost corresponds to a classic undercut, the other two variants are a bit more modern. The mid-fade also has a slightly harder edge, as the beginning starts in the middle. The low fade has the hardest edge, because only a very small part is shaved at the bottom and then the fade is almost over. With the height of the neck you can also determine how strong the edge will be. Again, the top hair can be decided freely, whether a great is the right one or a slicked back or something else entirely.

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Hairstyle trend - Fade

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