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Hairstyle Trend – Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is one of the newest hairstyle trends for men. In this haircut, the man reaches for the razor and makes him hum, in English. “Buzz”. The result is an easy-care, simple, uncomplicated shorthair hairstyle for men that has already conquered half of Hollywood. In this article, you’ll learn everything about the so-called buzz-cut, how to cut, care, stylst, and where the hairstyle comes from.

Your way to the Buzz Cut

If you want to cut or shave a Buzz Cut, you should think about it beforehand, because once the hair is off, it takes a while to get it back. Therefore, you should ask yourself the following questions before it goes to the razor.

Does the buzz cut fit me?

The buzz cut fits with men with square, round or oval head shape. It is equally suitable for thick and thin hair. In addition, you should not have hard edges or bulky shapes on the head, as the buzz-cut reveals any bumps. Think of it also at the back of your mind, at scars, hair gaps and the condition of your scalp, which can affect the hairstyle. One more thing: If you have disproportionately large or far-reaching ears, this is visually enhanced by a buzz cut.

What length should the shave have?

If the Buzz Cut suits you, you should decide how long or short should be shaved. It is recommended to start a little longer, because getting shorter is always possible. The shorter the hairstyle, the more radical and extreme the look. Generally, a hair length of 2 – 20 mm is recommended. With thin hairs should not be cut too much, because otherwise it may look a little too empty. The thicker the hair, the shorter you can go.

Can I cut the buzz cut myself?

Now the time has come, it can start. But there is another question. Do you want to cut or shave yourself or go to the hairdresser? If you think you have to save 15 – 25 € for the hairdresser, you probably save in the wrong place. Nevertheless, there will be enough men who want to do it. If you dare to do it yourself, be sure to remember the mm setting of your razor if you remove the attachment for cleaning. Shaving is done from the front to the back, against the grain. One track at a time until they are all the same length. Do you want different lengths? Then go to the barber and show him a picture.

Can you style the Buzz Cut?

As a man, it’s very difficult to do anything on the Buzz Cut, but that’s why he’s so popular. When the hair is a bit longer, the hair can be slightly shaped with Wax, but actually the Buzz Cut is there to do nothing anymore.

A tip : If you would like to change something, let the sides shave a little shorter with a transition to the top hair. This looks much cooler and is not so monotonous.

Hairstyle Trend - Buzz Cut

Care for the Buzz Cut

The buzz cut comes from the military sector and is also called military-cut or navy-cut or marine hairstyle. Of course designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. Therefore, you have an easy game with your buzz cut. Now and then a little shampoo into the hair and ready. Your scalp can breathe and your hair root thanks you as well. In addition, your hair will be protected from bad products, so it will be a real recovery for your hair.

Emergence of the trend

But where does the Buzz Cut actually come from and how did it become a trend? Who looks at the icons of youth and thus the influence of the fashion industry knows, knows. Drake, Kanye West, Pharell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik are just some of the celebrity role models who wear the buzz cut. The stubble hairstyle has long disappeared from the scene and now comes back. Due to a youth without worries, you do not have to worry about your hair anymore. Seen optically, the Buzz Cut can also be seen as a kind of modification of the

Hairstyle Trend - Buzz Cut


The Buzz Cut is very masculine compared to other hairstyle trends, simple and inexpensive. If you have a distinctive and masculine face or a nice head shape, you should try the Buzz Cut in any case.

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Hairstyle Trend - Buzz Cut

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Hairstyle Trend - Buzz Cut

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Hairstyle Trend - Buzz Cut

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