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Hair Styles for the winter – that's announced!

A few weeks ago I had already written on Facebook that I’m looking for someone who has a little more idea about hair and hair styles than I would like to share this experience with. However, I have not really found what I’m looking for yet, but I would like to share with you three hair styles that will be announced in the winter of 2014. This contribution is a lot shorter today than usual, but today it’s all about a short style performance. You can find more hairstyles for men here .

Even in winter, it is possible to give a new look to your appearance with a new hairstyle. There must be no drastic changes in their own appearance, even little things are enough. Here are three hair styles that are back in shape: Undercut, Short Back & Sides and The Long Look. If you have discovered other stylish hairstyles, then just write it in the comments.


Hair Styles for the winter - that's announced!

Photo by Hannes Wolf on Unsplash

This blog has grown up with the undercut, Ben had written a very interesting article about this and already in 2011. Since then, the undercut has appeared again and again, sometimes more, sometimes less in fashion. But this winter he comes back again.

Stars like Justin Timberlake make sure that he is back in shape. It used to be called “short at the front and long at the back”, it says today “short at the sides and long at the top”, this one can see, I think quite well on the previously included photo. The undercut is mainly characterized by the fact that there is a contrast between the “narrow” sides and the voluminous “upper hair”. You can find out how to style the perfect undercut in the previously linked article by Ben.

Short Back & Sides

Hair Styles for the winter - that's announced!

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Even with the “Short Back & Sides” look you put on short hair on the side, similar to the Undercut, but the hair should not be too severely trimmed here. Furthermore, you are not limited to shorter hair on the side, but also at the back of the head. The longer hair above allows you to play creatively with his hair. So you can, for example, let it fall loose, back comb or side crest comb, just as you like.

Personally, I like this look a tick better than the classic undercut. Among other things, this is due to the fact that I do not like to wear my hair very short, as is the case with the undercut. Think the “Short Back & Sides” look is a great way to get used to an undercut, because if you like this look, then maybe a few more. But here too, “try is about studying”.

The Long Look

Hair Styles for the winter - that's announced!

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash

Surely the simplest look from the three hair styles presented here will probably be this one: “The Long Look”. This is based on simply growing your hair and let it be long. You do not even have to visit a hairdresser, because it is known that the hair grows by itself. Particularly suitable is the look for soft and curly hair, unbeatable in conjunction with a neat beard. Or what do you mean?

Hair Styles for the winter - that's announced!

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