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Hair Styles for the spring – that's announced!

Already last year I introduced you to the hair styles for the winter , this post was also quite good with you, so I decided with the help of Sprezstyle to introduce the trendy hair styles for spring. But first, I’d like to say a few words about Sprezstyle, so you can be sure that I’ve got expert advice. Other hip hairstyles for men you will always find updated on the previously linked overview page.

Sprezstyle – hair care from Bonn

Behind Sprezstyle are longtime friends and founders Behar Duraku and Eugen Kaprov, who decided in October 2013 to bring Hanz de Fuko to Germany. At present, the Bonn-based company supplies all of Europe with this miracle wax.

In doing so, they have the claim that their products meet their vision, which is why they select them very precisely. Meanwhile, four brands have found in the range of Sprezstyle, which were included only after extensive testing. True to the motto: “First we style ourselves, and then the customer”, the two take nothing that they do not like themselves. A good approach as I think.

Behar and Eugen were so friendly and helped me put together four hair styles that will be announced in spring 2015. Included is an old acquaintance, The Long Look, which should be known to you from my winter hair styles as well as sidepart, which is a variation of the undercut .

There is also the disheveled Messy look and the “mop”, which actually looks like his name. But you will also be able to determine that yourself. In addition to the actual looks, which I would like to bring you closer with some photos, there are product recommendations from Sprezstyle to represent just this hair style. At the end of the post I would like to say a few more words about the Hanz de Fuko line.

Side Part

Hair Styles for the spring - that's announced!

Photo by Fábio Scaletta on Unsplash

The Sidepart is similar to the cut strongly the Undercut, which you got to know better in the posts and Styling Guides from Ben. However, the sides are longer on the sidepart than on the undercut.

From the style you can call this cut classic, hipster or vintage. Of course, this cut can be applied to virtually all hair types, provided, of course, that the hair has a certain length, with which one can work. The upper hair is hereby brought into shape with a round brush, while the lateral hair parts are brushed down. Comparable is the hairstyle with the Short Back & Sides look, which I have already introduced to you in my winter styles.

For styling the hairstyle the following products from the Hanz de Fuko line by Sprezstyle can be used: Claymation, Quicksand and Sponge Wax. Claymation provides more volume, Quicksand also has this effect and can also be used as a dry shampoo and Sponge Wax is also used again as a volume boost. A difference of the three products can be found in the finish, which is matt matt in Claymation, sandy matt in Quicksand and semi-matt in Sponge Wax.


Hair Styles for the spring - that's announced!

Icon Image | Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

The Messy is a pretty easy-to-create look, at least it seems to me. Because if my hair has grown longer, I can be sure in the morning that these are disheveled without end and that without any additional hair care products. Who does not have this “luck”, of course, on the appropriate cut, which can be a side part or undercut back and matching care products.

For example, the Scheme Cream from Hanz de Fuko could be used for this. This is great for the Messy hairstyle and can also be used for long hair. This makes the look of your hair thicker and the structure more natural. In smaller quantities it acts as a conditioner and in larger quantities it is used to form. The hair gets a medium shine by using the cream Scheme.

Alternatively, Sculptor Hair Putty by Hairbond can be used for styling, as this also contributes to the compression of the hair. It is ideal for thin hair, but also to structure thick hair well. Sculptor has a medium hold and is very soft in consistency. A delicious smell of green apple complete the hair wax.

The ruffled Messy Look is suitable for all hair types, especially for thin hair, which are naturally easier to shape when styling.

The “mop”

Hair Styles for the spring - that's announced!

Photo by Ihor Saveliev on Unsplash

The mop is in itself the total opposite of the undercut or the sidepart, where the hair is styled upwards. In contrast, the hair is styled down at the mop. For this it is important that the hair is long at the top, for example, the basis for such a hairstyle can be the sidepart. The style can be the hairstyle in the Vintage category.

For the styling of the hairstyle again two products from the Hanz de Fuko line can be used: Quicksand, which allows a very dull look, or the Cream cream, which brings a naturally light shine to the hair. At will. Personally, I would rather put on the dull look, but of course a matter of taste. This look is great for wavy and curly hair types

The Long Look

Hair Styles for the spring - that's announced!

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash

We already introduced The Long Look in the Winter Styles and already noticed that the basis for this hairstyle is long hair. Unfortunately, the hairdresser of your confidence can not really help much here, because the hair has to grow by itself. Once these are long enough, you can style the classic, loose hairstyle “The Long Look”.

The two experts from Sprezstyle have told me that hair care is very important in this style. So they recommend Natural Shampoo and the Natural Conditioner by Hanz de Fuko to give the hair the necessary attention. These provide a good basis for the further styling of the hair with the cream Scheme, which was already used in the Messy Look or with the gel Triq, also from the Hanz de Fuko line, which is extremely strong and brings a shimmering shine with it.

I like this look quite well, but I do not get my hair that long, without there are phases in which it just looks extremely unkempt. Therefore, I continue to rely on my natural “Messy” look, or on a light sidepart. This cut is in my opinion anyway, because it can be worn not only in its imaginary form, but also as a basis for Messy look and mop look. Ultraflexible, so to speak.

Hair Styles for the spring - that's announced!

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