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Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

A topic that I have not dealt with so much here in the blog, is the topic of care. Care of hair, skin and the body in general. However, since this is an issue that should not be forgotten, I use the new fragrance and skin care line Tabac Gentle Men’s Care to touch me a little.

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

Tabac Gentle Men’s Care promises to become a gentleman in four steps. It is the most important step to be a well-groomed man, according to the words of TABAC, because only a well-groomed man brings the gentleman to the fore and that’s what we all want, right? Overall, the fragrance and care series comes with nine products , covering all aspects of the daily care routine of a man. I will not present all products in this post, but at least the ones that I tested myself.

Four steps to a gentleman – what’s up with that?

Why four steps to the gentleman and not three or five? A good question, which can be easily answered by looking at the care products offered. TABAC has divided the series for men into four sections:

  • Cleansing
  • shaving
  • Care
  • Fragrance

By going through these four areas, or rather using the various fragrance and care products from these areas, one is closer to the goal of becoming a gentleman. I would like to show you exactly what it means to be a gentleman with these four steps, because I have tried it myself and now share my experiences with the Tabac Gentle Men’s Care with you.

Cleansing – Freshly showered to work

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

Before you start to shave, to care for the skin or to apply a pleasant scent, you should take the plunge under the shower. Because no matter if you’ve just gotten out of bed, just got back from work and would like to go out for dinner with your sweetheart or run a game – you sweated. A refreshing shower is doing very well there!

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

This is exactly where the first step Cleansing of the Tabac Gentle Men’s Care series takes effect. Because your own Nurturing Shower Gel comes with a 3-in-1 care formula therefore, which acts both as a moisturizer for the body, face and hair. The shower gel is mild to the facial skin and prepares it already while showering slowly on the shave. In addition, the shower gel is suitable for daily hair washing, you should have come to the taste.

For the photos of the post, I have spared you with upper body free shots and have the shower gel diluted with a little water applied directly to the face. The effect is the same as in normal showers, but I did not have to put everything under water while still handling the camera. What you have already noticed, compared to the perfume of the series later, is the fact that the fragrance of the perfume flows through all care products quite easily, without being overly intrusive.

The Nursing Shower itself is actually very mild to the skin and feels quite comfortable. What I liked was that it did not foam too much when I washed with it. Personally, I can not do that much if you have the feeling of having a beard on your face while washing. Either way or later when shaving anyway.

Shaving – the whiskers go to the root

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

Which we would already be shaving . As the name suggests, everything revolves around shaving. One thing in advance, in the photos I had probably saved a little with shaving cream. But that was also because I was not so familiar with the use of foam from the can, here is just to try and find out how much foam you need to shave.

For the shaving step, the TABAC care package is limited to a single product, a mild shaving gel. This should help to achieve the optimal shaving result. To protect the skin from so-called micro-injuries, which can easily happen when shaving, the gel is enriched with aloe vera, which in turn gives the skin a thin protective film. Furthermore, the shaving cream contains 0% alcohol.

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

After repeated use it has been shown that a hazelnut-sized spray of shaving cream is sufficient to shave properly. This gives me at least the perfect amount of shaving cream between Rauschche and Stoppelbart. After applying, I leave everything for a good minute, before I dare to use the razor. By the way, you can also find helpful tips on how to shave yourself here in the blog .

Care – care is the alpha and omega

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

When it comes to care , the Tabac Gentle Men’s Care range comes with a total of four different products. These include an After Shave Balm in Sensitive or an After Shave Lotion in Energizing. For my personal test of the products, I chose the Energizing products, so I will only go back to my experiences with them. The Sensitive products are more suitable for sensitive skin that needs a lot of moisture.

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

The already mentioned Energizing After Shave Lotion comes in a chic glass bottle, which, like the rest of the range, sets accents in copper. As a result, all products have a high-quality look and invite you to even want to learn whether the content also keeps what the packaging promises.

After shaving, it is important to care for the skin and to reduce the risk of razor burn and skin irritation. To do this, just wear a little of the energy-giving aftershave with a cooling effect. This effect is not only a marketing effect, on the contrary, you feel right how the skin is cool.

At least with the use of the Energizing After Shave Lotion, it has been shown to me that it is best to spread a few drops on the palm of your hand and spread it over the face. This gives you better control of where the After Shave Lotion is and where it is not. In addition, you can use it more sparingly with the lotion, after all, you want to have some of it for a long time.

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

After the After Shave Lotion was able to act a little and counteract razor burn as well as skin irritations, it is now a matter of taking care of the skin in the longer term. Here either the moisturizer Sensitive or the moisturizing gel Energizing is used. As already written for the lotion, I had chosen the Energizing products, so it went on with the care also with the moisture gel on.

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

This comes in a practical dispenser and therefore can be well dosed. Here I can say from my own experience that one or two pumps are enough to care for the face. You should not do any more, because otherwise you quickly get the feeling that the skin is floating in moisture gel. The gel uses the so-called Cellactive Men property, which ensures that it absorbs quickly and you can show a matted, shine-free skin. Furthermore, the active ingredient complex increases the resilience of the skin and promotes its regeneration.

Fragrance – A good scent is a must

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

The hair is washed, the face shaved and the skin cared for, only one missing, a good scent. In the fourth step Fragrance , the Tabac Gentle Men’s Care series is dedicated to this. It starts with the deodorant, which is skin-friendly and guarantees 24-hour protection.

My only criticism at this point is that the deodorant comes along as a spray, something I personally do not like so much. I prefer scooters in terms of deodorant, as they are more environmentally friendly, in terms of their CO₂ emissions. But is a matter of taste, its purpose of the deodorant care series also meets as a spray.

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

The bottle of the Eau de Toilette is certainly familiar to you, it is very similar to the After Shave Lotion. Luckily, I was able to differentiate them by their size and I’m not tempted to apply the lotion twice. The fragrance is certainly the centerpiece of the fragrance and skin care range of TABAC, as this, as already written at the beginning, at least easily permeates through all care products.

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

The sweet, sweet and fruity fragrance is quite pleasant and corresponds to the current trend of sweeter and fruity fragrances. The scent can be described in a combination of tangy orange and pear, which provide freshness and liveliness and are combined in the top note with ozonic chords. The heart note is dominated by cardamom, violet leaves and aromatic lavender. The stock is refined by a nourishing, mild combination of creamy sandalwood, cashmeran and sensual, amber notes.

But enough of the flowery words, as with other fragrances, the Tabac Gentle Men’s Care range applies to the Eau de Toilette, applying it yourself and smelling it. After all, every fragrance has a different effect on every human being. Therefore, try it for yourself, how you like the scent.

Tabac Gentle Men’s Care – a conclusion & raffle

Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

I have not told you the best yet, right? You now have the opportunity to win one of three Tabac Gentle Men’s Care packages . Although this does not consist of the entire care series, but at least the shower gel, Eau de Toilette and a deodorant are included and offer a good opportunity to get to know the new care series for the modern man.

Personally, it was fun for me to deal with the different products and get to know them. I hope my experiences have given you a small impression.

By the way, winning is very easy, just discuss with me under this post the question: “Which steps belong to a successful care program for you in any case?”. Chance decides among the submitted comments. As always participation without guarantee. The raffle will start on 26.10.2015 at 12:15 pm and ends on 02.11.2015 at 20:00, the winners will be contacted by mail and good luck!

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Four steps to becoming a gentleman with Tabac Gentle Men's Care

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