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Four hairstyles that we will see many times in 2019 …

Of course you can start 2017 with the intention to do more sports, even to train for a marathon , but not only through regular training can change their own appearance to positive. A new hairstyle can also significantly influence your own appearance.

In addition, this is cheaper than a subscription in the gym and probably does not cost as much as a complete outfit for the gym . Actually a reason to implement both: new hairstyle and regular training. Or what do you mean?

Before you make your decision, I present you the hippest hair trends 2017 for men . What you have to look out for when styling this and who can wear this. Personally, I am sure that the right 2017 hairstyle is also there for you.

Texture On Top

Four hairstyles that we will see many times in 2019 ...

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

Last year, Hair Styles did not really decide whether they wanted to be smooth and good or messy and without a visible styling approach. With the Texture on Top Style, 2017 will probably establish a mixture of both styles. Here, the main focus is clearly placed on the upper hair.

This is held much longer than the lateral hair, the tips are deliberately brought into shape or simply swirled only wild wild. As with the Short & Choppy, there is a soft, flowing gradation between the side hair and the upper hair.

Whereby it can be clearly seen that the texture of the Texture On Top Style is much longer than that of the Short & Choppy Style of 2016. Of course, this makes the hair correspondingly easier to style and, for example, to bring into shape through pomade. If you like it, you do not have to style it exactly, but spread a little pomade in the palm of your hand and your fingertips and drive wildly through your hair. Just try it!

Longer Hair

Four hairstyles that we will see many times in 2019 ...

Photo by David Fanuel on Unsplash

Already in July 2016, it has been shown that the hair is worn longer in men . For 2017, this trend will probably continue and you will probably get to see the long-haired “Mick Jagger” style often. With long hair is meant that this will at least extend to the shoulders.

This hair trend 2017 is worn as natural as possible for men. If you want, you can of course help a little and style your hair accordingly and get it into shape. The previously linked article offers a lot of inspiration here. Just take a look. What I can not fully understand is the fact that sometimes additional volume is introduced – but everyone as he wants.

The throwback cut

Four hairstyles that we will see many times in 2019 ...

Photo by Philip Martin on Unsplash

In 2016, some 90s hair styles re-emerged. Fortunately, we were spared from the associated boy bands! The Throwback Cut could well be classified in this decade. Long fringes, which fall from the right and left in the face. If I had to associate a man with this, it would be Brendan Fraser at the time of the mummy.

This year, the remake of the mummy is scheduled to hit theaters. Let’s see if Tom Cruise in the lead role also wears a stylish throwback cut and is fully in line with the Hair Trends 2017 for men at the start, or not. My guess is already! If the photos are not clear, the hairs are a bit longer than the side hairs, but the difference is not as extreme as on Texture On Top Style.

Color Up

Four hairstyles that we will see many times in 2019 ...

Photo by chester wade on Unsplash

It will be colorful this year. At least, if you decide to face the Color Up Style openly. I distance myself directly, because I can not imagine that my hair color combined with a dyeing this even approach can look good. Could be thought rather for men with light hair, where a certain contrast can be achieved by the coloring.

In addition to the actual style factor, one should consider, for example, whether pastel-colored hair tips in the professional life are welcome. At the bank, I find this rather difficult in daily customer contact, as a creative artist earlier. But honestly, you would not have thought that beards experienced such a hype and are now almost indispensable.

If you want to start from 0 to 100, you can dye your hair completely. For example, in a chic white or a strong straw blond. What can I do for you? I’m curious to see which of the hair trends 2017 for men you choose. Tell me and the other readers in the comments.

Four hairstyles that we will see many times in 2019 ...

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