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Four hair styles from the '90s that may celebrate their comeback …

John Naisbitt once said: “The trends come from below, the losers from above.” , He is right. In terms of hair style trends, you can adapt the statement a bit. Here, in my opinion, the following statement is more accurate: “A large part of the trends comes from the past and disappears again in the future!” . Especially with hair styles, I find that you can clearly see that these are inspired by trends from bygone days.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in 2016 you can count on these four hair styles from the 90s. Perhaps something more modern interpreted and in conjunction with the current fashion again an eye-catcher, who knows. Either way, I’ve summarized the styles of the 90s in four collages that may celebrate their comeback.

You may be curious and who knows, maybe some hairstyles will serve as inspiration. Otherwise, I recommend you like my overview for hip men’s hairstyles , there you will find all posts, which are dedicated to the topic of hair styles.

The “front curtained” hair style

Four hair styles from the '90s that may celebrate their comeback ...

Photo by Philip Martin on Unsplash

This hair style was one of the most common hairstyles in the 90s. Whether Brad Pitt, David Beckham or Leonardo DiCaprio each of you wore the hair in the “front curtained” style. If you’ve watched the movie Jim Carroll starring in the streets of New York, then you should know the so-called “front curtained” hair style.

By the way, this name is the program, so it is inspired by curtains that hang on the wearer’s face. Only that it is not curtains, but hair that hang loose on the front. The style can be worn by men with hair of medium length, these are too long lends the style of effect.

Blond Top Higlight

Four hair styles from the '90s that may celebrate their comeback ...

Icon Image | Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

Hair dyeing was not only the order of the day for the women in the 90s, men also danced on the street with dyed hair. Among the best known examples are the Backstreet Boys count, which have highlighted the hair tips or equal colored the entire hairstyle. But do not worry, it does not have to be that extreme.

Rather, it’s about loosening your own hairstyle a little, to set color accents and to give the own appearance a new coat of paint. The “Blond Top Highlight” works well for men with rather dark hair, for me with my coppery brown hair that certainly looks anything but good. But again, just try it or talk to the hairdresser of his confidence about whether the style could fit to one.

The Flat Top

Four hair styles from the '90s that may celebrate their comeback ...

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

In the hairstyles of the 90s probably the name was always program. That’s how the Flat Top also describes what we see as a hairstyle. One or the other, the style may still be known from The Prince of Bel Air with Will Smith. Even I will probably never wear this hairstyle, but maybe the style is for you? Otherwise, I am happy to meet him on the street often.

The Slick Back

Four hair styles from the '90s that may celebrate their comeback ...

Photo by Miguel Constantin Montes on Unsplash

Also a typical hairstyle of the 90s: The Slick Back. Although this has been seen again in the recent past again and again. With the Slick Back, all hair is removed from the face and brought into shape through the use of appropriate styling products.

In this hairstyle, it is recommended to take from your own hairdresser, a little volume of the hair, in which this is thinned a little. This not only allows a simpler styling, but makes wearing the hairstyle a little more pleasant in the summer.

In addition to the “front curtained” hair style, the Slick Back appeals to me when it comes to comeback styles from the 90s. Do you also have a favorite with the 90s hairstyles that we might soon see back on the streets?

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Four hair styles from the '90s that may celebrate their comeback ...

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