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Five trendy hairstyles that are also on the rise in 2019 …

With my contribution ” Five unusual hair styles for the spring of 2016 – that’s announced! “Did I present trendy men’s hairstyles until last month and now they are following again? That’s the way it is! For the hair trends 2016 are known to be unstoppable and therefore there are now five hair styles, which we have to expect in 2016. But should not be a problem, just means more choice at the barber.

Short & Choppy

Five trendy hairstyles that are also on the rise in 2019 ...

Photo by Jurica Koletic on Unsplash

The Short & Choppy is a look that may well be worn by men who have lighter, thinner hair. Because this is known to bring in shape easier than thick, unruly hair. So no look for me, because my hair is rather thick and unruly in everyday life. It can be clearly seen that this is a short hairstyle, which allows a bit wild and confused.

If you look closely, then a soft, flowing gradation between side hair and upper hair can be seen. In addition, the upper hair is a little longer than this on the side, which has the advantage that it can be brought more targeted in shape. Probably the best thing about this easy-to-maintain hairstyle is the number of ways you can wear it.

“This style of hairstyle is especially suitable for men with a longer face, as shorter hair lets the face appear in a better overall proportion and does not artificially lengthen it.”

Thus, for example, offers a water-based pomade to bring the hair with the finders in the form targeted, or to raze. Alternatively, you can certainly wear the Short & Choppy with a light wet look. Even a dull finish is not bad for this hairstyle.

Big Shape & Contrast

Five trendy hairstyles that are also on the rise in 2019 ...

Icon Image | Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

The Big Shape & Contrast Style can definitely be seen as 180 ° to the previous hairstyle. The Short & Choppy was rather unobtrusive and reserved, the Big Shape & Contrast is the opposite. This is clearly aimed at men who attract attention and do not want to be overlooked.

This style is about the clear contrast between the top and back as well as the side hair, at the same time a lot of movement and shape in the hairstyle is introduced. To implement this style is only with fairly dense and long hair and a lot of time to get the hairstyle in shape. So this is not just for those of us who like to train regularly and then want to go to the city.

“Those who wear their hair in the Big Shape & Contrast style love to attract attention and attract the attention of others!”

Wearable is the Big Shape & Contrast in two variants, the first I would call a soft variant , since here the transition between the individual hair parts is rather soft and flowing. The second variant can be described as a radical variant, as there is a much sharper transition between the side and hair of the back to the upper hair – which leads to a strong contrast of the hairstyle.

Depending on the styles of the Big Shape & Contrast, it is recommended to moisten the hair a little in order to get it into shape. Also hair dryer and round brush are in this style to a practical helper, because without them, the hairstyle is hard to tame.

The Textured Quiff

Five trendy hairstyles that are also on the rise in 2019 ...

Photo by Prajjal Biswas on Unsplash

This should be in my head from my contribution on the Quiff as the variant of the contemporary quiff. This variant relies on a sharp cut with slim lines, which comes straight to the point. So the hair on the top still remain long, on the back and the sides, however, these are a lot shorter than in the other variants.

The contemporary cut of the quiff seems a bit more aggressive. In very extreme variants, the scalp is partially visible under the hair. Therefore, with this style, the greater the contrast, the more the hairstyle becomes an eye-catcher.

“Men with one with a longer face shape benefit from a smoother transition, as the head is not too divided into areas than when too short, lateral hair creates a strong contrast.”

With the Textured Quiff, it is important to keep the hair in the real great again long, everything else may, or must be shorter, to produce the effect of previously included examples. Personally, I am not addressed by the very radical variant of seeing the scalp. Here I would rather put on longer hair at the side.

The Wet Look

Five trendy hairstyles that are also on the rise in 2019 ...

Photo by Miguel Constantin Montes on Unsplash

Already at the autumn / winter 2015 fashion shows, it has been shown that the wet look inspired from the 1990s is back on the rise. First of all, this style is not, but like everything in life a matter of taste and maybe he likes you or another of my readers. It should be noted that wearing the wet look does not wet your hair, as is the case when standing in the shower. But the hair rather wet, as in a light rain, wearing.

“When wet look applies, less is more. Say wet hair rather than drenched to make your style look good. “

To achieve this look it is sufficient to use a water-based pomade and apply it to damp hair. Here you have two options to bring the pomade into the hair. Either with a comb to achieve a smooth, austere appearance, or with your fingers to present a wild, disheveled look.

When using pomade, make sure that it is distributed evenly throughout the hair, not just in a specific section. If this is the case, the whole balance of the wet look is out of balance and the hairstyle looks no longer presentable.


A trend that has been apparent for some time is that men wear their hair longer and longer. Sure, short hairstyles like the aforementioned Short & Choppy look are also in fashion, but medium-long to long hairstyles are more and more on the rise. Which one has admitted, however, that this style is not acceptable for every man.

Five trendy hairstyles that are also on the rise in 2019 ...

Photo by David Fanuel on Unsplash

Especially with my thick hair I already have problems in the summer, that I warm up pretty fast, that will certainly not be better, if the hairstyle is twice as long. Here I think straight men with thinner hair benefit from the medium-to-long-length look. Or men with soft, curly hair, then a manicured beard and you have an unbeatable style, right?

By the way, the look is also easy to care for, as the hair is known to grow on its own and only needs to be shaped by the barber from time to time. When styling you should not try to mess up the hair too much, this look is worn as it is meant to be: of course.

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Five trendy hairstyles that are also on the rise in 2019 ...

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