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Five hip hairstyle trends for autumn 2019

Trendy hairstyle trends always play an important role at For every season and for almost every conceivable occasion you will find on the overview page for trendy men’s hairstyles , the perfect cut for your hair. Promised! In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to five trendy hairstyle trends for autumn 2017, matching the season. That does not mean that you should refrain from your favorite hairstyle, but to think outside the box is fine.

Do not worry, personally I also think that if I have a good cut for me, stick to this. Why not. It does not mean in vain, “Never change a running team!” . Nevertheless, I regularly look at current trends, and then decide whether they are an option for me or not. If this is the case, my hairdresser may try and try something new, if not stay with the tried and true. But enough from me and back to the five trendy hairstyle trends for autumn 2017.

Millennial Curtains

Five hip hairstyle trends for autumn 2019

Photo by Philip Martin on Unsplash

Millennial Curtains or The Throwback Cut, as he was called at the beginning of the year in my article “Four Hair Styles which we will see many times in 2017 …” , seems to be finally coming to an end in autumn 2017. Both names deserve their permission. Millennial Curtains is very aptly the visual appearance of the cut. In fact, hair falls like curtains, right and left of the face down. This style is particularly good for square and rectangular face shapes, but with a longer face you should do without this hairstyle.

The Throwback Cut is less about the hairstyle itself, but rather about the timing of this trend. Already in the 90s this cut was very popular. Whether it was boy bands on which you saw this hairstyle or on famous actors like Brendan Fraser in the times of “The Mummy”, all this was before the millennium. Thus quasi a retro hairstyle celebrates her comeback. The hairstyle is brought into shape by a little hairspray or little pomade, less is more, because the hair should act as if they fall naturally.

The Skinhead

Five hip hairstyle trends for autumn 2019

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Somehow I have the feeling that trend hairstyles in themselves tend to change less when something changes, then at most the name. This is how the Buzz Cut became the Skinhead in this case. Different names, but still the same hairstyle. But it’s not bad either. Either way you can look like a young David Beckham or a hooligan with this haircut, both of which do not necessarily have to be negative. One has not much influence on the styling of the cut, he is in a nutshell, but only very briefly.

Nevertheless, one can at least decide whether one wears it in its natural hair color or with dyed hair. More important than the question of hair color is the fact that the Buzz Cut / The Skinhead pays attention to whether it fits your own face. Short consultation with the hairdresser of his confidence before cutting the hairstyle can not hurt here. The hairstyle fits best to strong, rather square face shapes, but can be adapted to other face shapes by adjusting the cut. With a long, narrow face, The Skinhead does not work as well as I can tell from personal experience.

The Skinhead can also be used as a base for other hairstyles. It can be played, for example, with the hair length in the neck area and on the sides to achieve a completely different style. If you decide to leave the hair on the sides short and wear only on top of longer, you have the way again a typical French crop .

The Loose Quiff

Five hip hairstyle trends for autumn 2019

Photo by Ihor Saveliev on Unsplash

The Quiff, probably the hairstyle that you still associate with Elvis today. No wonder, this has marked the hairstyle noticeable. But even today, decades after Elvis, the quiff enjoys great popularity. This is certainly due to the fact that the quiff fits to a wide range of head shapes as well as personal styles and is wearable regardless of age. This is possible through different styles of quiff. Where just The Loose Quiff in the fall of 2017 knows to inspire.

Long, thick hair is a prerequisite for this hairstyle to ensure that it comes along with a handsome “waveform”. In this kind of quiff, the hairdresser has to thin out the hair a little, but without it being too thin. A good barber will know what he has to do. The hairstyle is shaped by a round brush, a little salt spray and a simple back brush. Alternatively, spread a little, light pomade in your hair and style carefully.

This variant of the quiff relies on a sharp cut with slender lines, which comes straight to the point. So the hair on the top remains long, on the back and sides are a lot shorter. This makes the cut a bit more aggressive, through the strong contrast of the lateral hair to the upper hair, the cut becomes an eye-catcher in everyday life.

The Long French Crop

Five hip hairstyle trends for autumn 2019

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Could you almost call it a classic, the French Crop . In this hairstyle, the hair in the neck area and on the sides are cut short, on top of the hair is left a little longer. There are also other styling options, so you have the option to comb the hair either forward, in the direction of the forehead or to style it laterally. The laterally styled variant appeals to me personally more.

For the Long French Crop to work properly, it is important that your hairdresser leaves the upper hair heavy and full. Say, do not take too much volume out of this. The cut tames long, partly unruly hair, brings it into shape and from the styling nightmare to the styling dream. Style the hairstyle with dry styling products, such as hair wax or the like, this creates extra texture and structure. It is only important that you pay attention in this variant of the French Crop, that the ratio of the lateral and neck hair to the hair remains on top. If this is not the case, the hairstyle can no longer work properly.

The Cropped Blunt Fringe

Five hip hairstyle trends for autumn 2019

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

This should probably be the universal hairstyle in autumn 2017. This has already announced in recent months on the catwalks of the world and recorded in autumn 2017 now its breakthrough. This is certainly due to the fact that the haircut is suitable for all face shapes, whereby it unfolds its effect best in combination with square facial features. In combination with fine, smooth hair definitely a sensible choice.

It is recommended to wear the style as relaxed as possible, that is, do not use heavy, strong styling products. The hair short, a bit shorter at the side, than the upper hair. A dull cut makes the hairstyle appear as if a small curtain hangs from the top of the face. The cut of the fringe itself makes the own style look strict. A special styling procedure is not to be considered, since the hair should fall naturally of course, a maximum of slightly combed forward is an option. But do you look pretty good on the included photos, right?

If you have not found the perfect hairstyle for you among these five hairstyle trends, I recommend you stop by: finding the right hairstyle for your face shape – that’s how it works as a man!

Five hip hairstyle trends for autumn 2019

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