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Five fancy hair styles for spring 2019 – that's hip!

Already last spring, I had a contribution to trendy hair styles for the spring at the start, this was good to you and the other readers. That’s why I decided to reissue and would like to introduce you to trendy hair styles for Spring 2016 . Other popular hairstyles for men you will always find updated on the previously linked overview page.

Wavy undercut with a rejuvenation of the hair

Five fancy hair styles for spring 2019 - that's hip!

Photo by Hannes Wolf on Unsplash

He just does not want to disappear from the scene, the undercut . In its normal version, it is characterized by the fact that there is a clear contrast between the “narrow” sides and the voluminous “upper hair”. This variation of the undercut has a rejuvenation of the hair. Say the sides are decreasing shorter down, the upper hair is longer than the classic Undercut.

The longer upper hair, in conjunction with the downwardly tapering side hair creates a wavy and voluminous look. In order to achieve this it is necessary to have the right cut next to it: hair dryer, brush and a matt pomade. Do I personally like this interpretation of the undercuts and you?

Buzzed Skin Fades

Five fancy hair styles for spring 2019 - that's hip!

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

No idea how to give this hairstyle a reasonably reasonable German name, so I just leave it with the English version. In any case, this will be one of the hairstyles that we will often see in 2016. Heavily shaved that only a kind of hair shadow on the sides, in conjunction with a little more upper hair. Do not look bad. However, you should make sure that this style of hairstyle fits your own face. For me (rather angular face), such short hair does not look so good.

Business Savy – Style

Five fancy hair styles for spring 2019 - that's hip!

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

A style that should be incredibly good for men with a suit and therefore bears the corresponding name Business Savy (“business sense”). From the principle of styling this is similar to an undercut, but the hair on the side are longer and there is only a slight transition from side to upper hair instead.

When I saw this style for the first time, I had to go straight to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. He also wore his hair neatly back, with a little more volume. The Business Savy – style is more likely to be a hairstyle, which I will wear 2016 times. Let us surprise!

modern sidepart

Five fancy hair styles for spring 2019 - that's hip!

Photo by Fábio Scaletta on Unsplash

A style that was already in 2015 and will certainly prevail in 2016, the modern sidepart. This one can call the style classic, hipster or vintage. The only requirement for this hair style is that your own hair has a certain length, otherwise this cut can be applied to virtually all hair types.

For this purpose, the upper hair is brought into shape with a round brush, while the lateral hair is brushed down. The hairstyle is comparable to the undercut, with the side hairs, in the classic version, being worn longer. In the modern variant of the Sidepart, the lateral hair, comparable to the Buzzed Skin Fades, can be shaved off very briefly. A matter of taste!

The swoop

Five fancy hair styles for spring 2019 - that's hip!

Icon Image | Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

The swoop is a modern interpretation of the “front curtained” hair style, which I have already introduced to you in my article ” Four Hair Styles from the 90s that may celebrate their comeback … “. In contrast to the mentioned style here, however, the hair is slightly worn backwards or to the side. Does not look bad, right?

Five fancy hair styles for spring 2019 - that's hip!

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