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Finding the right hairstyle for your face shape – That's how it works as a man

Which hairstyle suits me? As with clothing, there is no uniform hairstyle for all men in hairstyles. Therefore, the question is quite justified. Because as different as dress sizes are, it is also the hairstyles that match the individual face shape of a man. With clothes you only have the advantage that you can exchange them faster. For hairstyles you have to wait until the hair grows back. Therefore, one should consider in advance: Which hairstyle suits me?

For this reason, I have summarized below an overview, which will help you first to determine your face shape, then select the optimal hairstyle for you or the matching hair style. So that you answer the questions: Which hairstyle suits me? / What is my hairstyle? answer satisfactorily for you.

Determine the face shape and which hairstyle suits me?

Before you can choose the right hairstyle for your own face shape, you should first determine his face shape. Or do you know which shape your face has? No problem, here’s a quick step by step guide to determining your face shape. All you need is a flexible measuring tape with which you take the four following measurements. By the way, are the same dimensions for all face shapes.

  1. Forehead: Here you must measure from the top of your one eyebrow arch to the top of your other eyebrow arch.
  2. Cheekbones: Measure your cheekbones below the outer corner of your eye, over to the outer corner of your other eye.
  3. Pine: The tip of your chin is the starting point of your measurement, here you put the tape measure and measures to the direction of your ear, where the jaw angles upwards. Multiply this value by two (two jaw halves) and you have the required value for the measurement.
  4. Length of your face: Starting from the top of your chin, you also measure to the middle of your hairline to maintain the length of your face.
Finding the right hairstyle for your face shape - That's how it works as a man

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Once you’ve determined these four measurements, all you have to do is select the longest dimension and compare it with the descriptions of the following face shapes to determine your own face shape and the starting point for your perfect hair style.

  • Oval: Your face length is greater than the width of your cheekbones, and your forehead length is larger than your jaw’s. Your jaw has a rounded rather than sharp-edged shape.
  • Square: All four dimensions are relatively similar, your jaw is rather angular and not rounded.
  • Rectangle: The biggest measure is your face length. Forehead, cheekbones and jaws have similar dimensions.
  • Round: cheekbones and face length are similar, but are larger than the forehead and chin, which also have similar dimensions. Your jaw has a rather soft and less defined shape.
  • Diamond: As with the rectangle, the face length is the one with the largest dimension. Then follow the measurements in this descending order: cheekbones, forehead and jaw. The chin is pointed here.
  • Heart: The forehead is larger than the cheekbones and the jaw. The chin is, as in the diamond shape, also pointed.
  • Triangle: The dimension of your jaw is greater than that of your cheekbones, which in turn is larger than that of your forehead.

Since you have now determined your face shape successfully, it is now time to answer the question: Which hairstyle suits me? What hairstyle is mine? I would like to explain the answer to that with the following points.

Hair Styles for an oval face shape

The oval face shape is considered by its proportions to be ideal for women, but in men this unfortunately does not work out as an ideal form. However, with this face shape you have many options, as your face is symmetrical and well proportioned, so you have the choice to wear almost any hairstyle.

Nevertheless, there are some points to look out for when choosing your own hairstyle in order to make the best possible use of your own face shape. So the trick with an oval face shape is to wear the hair less on the forehead / front, but rather to create volume on the sides and tops. In general, with a cut that is shorter on the sides and longer on the top, nothing is wrong.

Wearing the hair too far on the forehead helps to emphasize the curves of the face, this does not necessarily have to be. For oval faces, it is also advisable not bear beard, so as not to drift too much into a round face shape.

Common hairstyles for oval faces in men I have listed below. With these you can be sure that the haircut fits your oval face shape:

Hair styles for a square face shape

The square face shape is considered ideal in men, this is characterized by a strong, angular jaw and proportions that look like a piece. The oval-shaped face is due to its shape ideally suited to skillfully set long as well as extremely short hairstyles in scene. From the Buzz Cut to the Quiff, the oval-shaped male face can wear any hairstyle. Finding suitable hairstyles should therefore not be a problem.

It should be noted that the shorter you wear the hair, the more your own face comes to the fore. Due to the angular shape, this then has a very present. If you want to achieve this, a Buzz Cut is an obvious choice, if you want to be inconspicuous, we recommend a medium-to-long-length style.

Common hairstyles for a square face shape in men are:

Hair styles for a rectangular face shape

The rectangular face shape is somewhere between oval and square, considering the different shapes of a man’s face. It is important in the rectangular face shape to make sure that the length of the face is not extra emphasized. Therefore, a hairstyle is recommended, which is short on the sides and not long at the top. Does not work on angular faces.

Rather, one should try to choose a balanced, well-proportioned hairstyle. It is therefore recommended a style in which the hair on the sides are rather longer or slightly fall over the forehead. This does not emphasize the length of the face too much. In addition, one should take care not to wear a beard to a rectangular face shape, as this one’s own face, optically only extended. A three-day beard is a good compromise here.

Common hairstyles that fit the haircut are the following for a rectangular face shape in men:

Hair Styles / Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you have a rather round face shape, there are virtually no distinctive facial features or a succinct chin that defines the face. Therefore, one may confidently leave this to his hairstyle, which may affect the definition of the face shape. I have compiled the best hairstyles for round faces below.

Due to the fact that round faces have less natural, distinctive features, it is advisable to use round face hairstyles, such as the “front curtained” hair style, which adds a bit of structure. In general, it is advisable to put on hairstyles, which are on the top and on the sides of correspondingly long, bring volume and sometimes even in the face clean.

A beard with a round face shape is another way to add a little structure to it. Here is the narrower, thinner and edged this comes, the more defined the face shape.

Common hairstyles for a round face shape in men are:

Hair styles for a diamond shaped face

The diamond-shaped face shape is rather rare in everyday life, but it does exist. Therefore, I would like to leave these in my selection of the right men’s hairstyle for your face shape not to mention. The diamond-shaped face is characterized by the fact that chin and forehead are rather narrow and wide cheek in the center. Due to this shape, the selection should fall on hairstyles, which bring structure and volume in the forehead or chin.

The classic fringe style adds texture to the forehead, while longer hair styles worn behind the ears can be used to accentuate the diamond-shaped face shape. However, it should be ensured that the sides are not too short, since this only affects the ears larger, but you do not distract from the actual diamond-shaped face shape.

It is more appropriate to put on soft lines and layers, which rather flatter the face shape. Such as the modern Sidepart or The Slick Back, which can look very good in combination with a discreet beard.

Common hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face in men are:

Hair styles for a heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is noticeable by the fact that the forehead is very wide and tapers over the cheekbones to the jaw. Again, it is therefore important to find the ideal cut to make the own style well proportioned appear. So it is necessary to avoid hairstyles, which emphasize the narrow spots on cheeks and chin too much.

Ideal here are medium length to long hair styles, which are rather thin. Combined with a stylish beard, you can make the most of your heart-shaped face shape.

Common hairstyles for a heart-shaped face in men are:

Hair styles for a triangular face shape

The triangular face shape can be viewed as a 180 degree turn compared to the heart shaped face. For here the jaw is significantly wider than the cheekbones and the forehead, which results in the eponymous triangular shape. Therefore, it is recommended to put on this face shape on a men’s hairstyle, which brings more volume.

Long, dense hair with full sides is just the right choice. Combined with a three-day beard, you get a look that’s inspiring. If you do not necessarily want to wear a beard, it is advisable to do without it, as it puts the previously prominent jaw game even more in the foreground.

Common hairstyles for a triangular face shape in men are:

Products for styling your hairstyle

It is not easy to find the right hairstyle for your own style. But this guide has certainly helped you a bit. If you are still looking for the right products to style your hairstyle, I can recommend the following hairdressing creams & wax. Otherwise, I’m of course interested in which hairstyling products you use.

Finding the right hairstyle for your face shape - That's how it works as a man
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Finding the right hairstyle for your face shape - That's how it works as a man
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Which hairstyle suits me – a conclusion

At the end of this post, you should now know which of the face shapes best suits you. Whether you are looking for hairstyles for round faces or rather men’s hairstyles for an oval face. Either way, I think there is a wide selection of hairstyles to test. In the end, however, your taste alone decides what you like and what hairstyle you like.

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Finding the right hairstyle for your face shape - That's how it works as a man

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