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Find the right beard for your face shape – how it works!

Which beard is right for me? Accessories, clothing and even shoes can not be worn equally by every man. One suit trousers are particularly good, another is not. There is no uniform clothing. Unity beards also not. Therefore, the question of which beard is one, is quite justified. Because as different as dress sizes are, it is also the beards that should fit the individual face shape of a man. Garments can be changed relatively quickly. When it comes to beard, things are not so fast.

Because of the simple three-day beard to mustache or even chunky beard just does not go within a few days. Beards need time to grow and then have to be brought into shape and maintained. Therefore, one should consider in advance: Which beard suits me? And that is exactly the question we go to the bottom of together.

For this reason, I have summarized below an overview, which will help you first to determine your face shape, and then to find the optimal beard for you or the appropriate beard style and select. So you answer the questions: Which beard suits me? / Which beard is mine? answer satisfactorily for you.

Determine the face shape and which beard is right for me?

Before you can determine the right beard style for your own face shape, you should first think about your own face shape. Because this plays an important role when it comes to finding the ideal beard for yourself. And honestly, do you know which shape your face has? I did not know it yet.

But no problem below is a short step by step guide to determining your face shape. All you need is a flexible measuring tape with which you take the four following measurements. By the way, are the same dimensions for all face shapes.

  • Forehead: Here you must measure from the top of your one eyebrow arch to the top of your other eyebrow arch.
  • Cheekbones: Measure your cheekbones below the outer corner of your eye, over to the outer corner of your other eye.
  • Pine: The tip of your chin is the starting point of your measurement, here you put the tape measure and measures to the direction of your ear, where the jaw angles upwards. Multiply this value by two (two jaw halves) and you have the required value for the measurement.
  • Length of your face: Starting from the top of your chin, you also measure to the middle of your hairline to get the length of your face.

With these four measurements as a starting point, you can determine your face shape. To do this, you’ll need to select the longest dimension and compare it with the descriptions of the following face shapes to determine your own face shape and thus the starting point for your perfect beard style.

  • Oval: In this case, your face length is greater than the width of your cheekbones, and your forehead length is greater than your jaw’s. Your jaw has a rounded rather than sharp-edged shape.
  • Square: In the square face shape, all four dimensions are relatively similar, your jaw is rather angular and not rounded.
  • Rectangle: For the rectangle as a face shape, the face length is the longest measure. Forehead, cheekbones and jaws have similar dimensions.
  • Round: The round face shape is defined by the fact that cheekbones and face length are similar, but are larger than the forehead and chin, which also have similar dimensions. Your jaw has a rather soft and less defined shape.
  • Diamond: Similar to the rectangle, the face length is the one with the largest dimension. Then follow the measurements in this descending order: cheekbones, forehead and jaw. The chin is pointed here.
  • Heart: The forehead is larger than the cheekbones and the jaw. The chin is, as in the diamond shape, also pointed.
  • Triangle: The dimension of your jaw is greater than that of your cheekbones, which in turn is larger than that of your forehead.
Find the right beard for your face shape - how it works!

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Which beard is right for me: These face shapes and beard styles harmonize with each other

Now that you’ve determined your face shape successfully, it’s time to answer the question: Which beard is right for me? Which beard style do I like? I would like to explain the answer to that with the following points.

Beard Styles for an oval face shape

Jackpot! At least this could be said for the oval face shape. Because with an oval face shape, you have the free choice in terms of beard style. Quasi, a kind of license for all beards. Ideal if you want to experiment with different styles.

Nevertheless, here is the principle: The length of the beard should be based on how long your hair is. This is the only way to create a harmonious overall impression. And yet, with an oval face shape, blatant contrasts can work. Bald and beard are therefore also conceivable. It just takes a little courage as a beard.

Beard styles for a square face shape

The square face shape lets the own appearance, at least purely optically, look very edgy. Therefore, this is also quite comparable to the rectangular face shape. Ideally, therefore, the own beard should form a contrast and soften the angular appearance a little.

For square face shapes, the edges should be trimmed a bit, similar to the round face. The beard may be a bit longer and thicker in the area of ​​the sides, it should be kept shorter to the chin. Here too, long sideburns can help to visually extend the face. But you should make sure that the transition from side to chin is not too choppy, rather fluent.

For a square face shape, a short and accurately trimmed three-day beard with rounded contours is definitely recommended. The aforementioned longer sideburns are also an option. Mustache as such can look good, too . However, you should make sure that this does not seem too narrow.

Beard Styles for a rectangular face shape

With the rectangle as a face shape, the face length is the longest measure. Say that own face looks mostly long, angular and narrow; comparable to the square shape of the face. Again, the beard is assigned the task to make the own face appear softer and shorter.

For this reason, the three-day beard with soft, slightly rounded contours is also recommended here. The Mustache, also called mustache , is recommended for this face shape. Almost the entire face is clean shaven, only above the lip he appears, slightly curled to the side. Certainly the beard style, which requires the most dedication and attention and a certain courage. Because inconspicuous he is definitely not.

Beard styles for round faces

With a round face, it is the original task of the beard to let the own face appear longer. At least visually, this should be the approach of a beard. The roundish face shapes have few edges and full cheeks. The beard as such should therefore be a contrast to it.

If we prefer soft, smooth transitions to rectangular and square faces, we recommend working on round faces with hard lines under the cheekbones and edges on the outer parts of the neck area. Of course it works wonderfully with the three-day beard.

Furthermore, you can leave the beard hair on the side rather short and pull the beard on the chin in the length, this also achieves a visual extension of the face. Even the classic goatee can work with a round face. Distance should be taken here from a full beard. Does not look good!

Beard styles for a diamond shaped face

Similar to the rectangle, the face length is the one with the largest dimension. In particular, a pointed chin, as well as a narrow hairline characterize this face shape. As a result, the pointed chin is of course particularly noticeable. The beard itself should therefore try to distract the chin visually or at least skilfully set it in scene.

But which beard is best worn with a diamond-shaped face? The choice here is between Beard, Chin Strap, Lincoln, or Fu Manchu. The latter, which looks like a mustache with a hair-waterfall on both sides, can work wonders on such a face. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Fu Manchu needs proper care and dedication, because if it is not cut correctly, it seems sloppy and unkempt.

Beard styles for a heart-shaped face

For heart-shaped faces, where the chin is narrower than the forehead, try to avoid hard lines. Another thing to watch out for is the fact that the smaller the beard, the bigger the head looks. Should be avoided if possible.

Three-day beard without hard lines should be the method of choice here. As a result, the cheekbones appear visually and distract from the rather present forehead. Furthermore, one should make sure that the neckline attaches to the beard rather lower down. What visually distracts from the chin. Even a full beard can be worn with a heart-shaped face. But please pay attention to the form; he should not stretch his own face unnecessarily.

Beard Styles for a triangular face shape

The jaw is larger in this shape than the cheekbones, which in turn are larger than your forehead. Say, the face tapers from the jaw towards the forehead. An angular chin, wide jaw and cheekbones and a narrow hairline are characteristic for this face shape. Therefore, one should try to make the formative and visually present jaw and cheekbones appear narrower in this form.

Ideal for a triangular face shape is the Van Dyke. The Van Dyke is named after the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. In this two styles meet each other, the classic goat or goatee as well as the mustache / mustache. This is at least the simplest version dar. The cheeks are completely shaved, only a goatee and a mustache are left.

Find the right beard for your face shape - how it works!

Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash

Which beard suits me – a conclusion

At the end of this post, you should now know which of the face shapes best suits you. Whether you need to look for beards for round faces or rather a beard style for an oval face. Either way, I think there is a wide selection of beards to test. In the end, however, your taste alone decides what you like and which beard you like.

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Find the right beard for your face shape - how it works!

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