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Dry shave and the attention to detail

Facial hair in men is considered a sign of masculinity and masculinity. Anyone who only considers the care of the beard superficially and does not attach too much importance to different design options robs itself of its chances for an optimized appearance. The choice between wet and dry shaving should therefore be thoroughly thought out and a little trial and error justifies the decision with sound impressions.

Anyone who has opted for the dry shave or must first explore his preferences should be aware of several things: the flawless result in the magnifying mirror immediately after shaving the user of wet shaving is clearly in the advantage – who, however, still untrained the first fluff under control on the other hand, with the rapid and efficient use of the shaver, the desired effect is obtained, whereas the dry shaver is comparatively better served.

The result is a bit longer whisker hair: You can not reach the beard approach as close to the root as in the more complex wet shaving. This not only reduces the possibility of a cutting or rasp injury. Today, however, the result may well be desirable. A completely smooth shave does not have to be, leaving some of the shadows is deliberately brought about by many men in elaborate beard design. The rapid dry shave with the electric razor is also suitable for every man and skin type in the long term, provided that the right tools are used.

Dry shave and the attention to detail

Dry shave easy to learn, difficult to master !?

Of importance are also the correct execution of the process itself, the observance of a few general trifles and the selection of the preparations. For very young men, those with sparse beard growth or generally sensitive facial skin, the electric shaver offers the best: The skin surface is always protected by the shaving foil – a too strong pressing as the most dangerous mistake can not even happen here.

But it can be problematic if the course of action has become automated and one climbs on to other blades. Here, strong concentration is the top priority. Even when tensioning the respective skin area by the free hand, the use of the electric razor remains harmless: The purpose is to reach the beard with the blades as deeply as possible at his approach and yet you can not hurt yourself. Although the dry shave is considered undemanding, it depends somewhat on the skin type, the way the shave an even better effect occurs. Some empirical values ​​are presented here in the form of tips that everyone should know.

The correct use of water and lotions in dry shaving

For them, it is best to prepare by moistening facial hair with water, heat or mist. But those who have already made their experiences and know that complete dryness does not harm the specific skin type, it makes it aware different. If you prefer this option, make sure you shave better after showering. It must be remembered that with a completely dry face, a more intense effect is achieved than with wet beard hair.

The sensitive or inexperienced guy shaves better either after the shower, bath or at least after facial cleansing with water, soap or specific lotions. For all: a previous cleaning you should always get used to. Water and soap are usually too little anyway – for man’s facial care, many products are available today, which not only allow pore-deep cleansing, but also the removal of skin flakes or other residues, such as night sweats. After the completed shave, every face is best served with cold water: the pores close and the remains are washed away.

The product details of good preshave lotions, ie products to be used before shaving, contain their essential purpose: just because some people do not want to achieve a softening of the hair in order to obtain the most accurate results, all articles for wet shaving are unsuitable for him here. Here it is important to deprive the face of the water and harden the stubble – this is the only way the owners of shavers, despite their protective shaving foil, often achieve the finest results.

Dry hair shave must-haves and their care

A complete absence of soap or shaving cream during the procedure is never worthwhile – as a rule, unpleasant skin irritations are caused by it. What exactly the choice is, however, is not important. The quality of the razor blade used also accounts for the quality of the result – disposable razors can not only give unsound results, but even more expensive than those blades that can be used for half a month or longer. There is also a noteworthy difference in the risk of injury.

Take care of using an electric shaver under running water, such as when showering: not every model is waterproof! The blades are to be checked regularly – if damaged there is a relatively high risk of injury. From time to time the blades have to be disinfected. This information should also be part of a good user manual. For this cleaning, there are special products, all of which come into question.

In the process itself, a beginner should still always exercise caution. Thus, the direction of the shaving movements is always to choose always with the beard growth. If you are equipped with sensitive facial skin, the procedure will be retained. If you get to know the body reaction and results slowly and carefully, you can also experiment and work slowly against the grain. Because the shave can achieve such a longer effect. You should never shave without using antiseptic products – the pores become clogged with every shave and bacteria in the facial skin usually have unwanted consequences.

The differences in the available devices

Sometimes, the statement relativizes again, according to which the dry shaving in the result lags behind the effect of a wet shave: Who used particularly high-quality razors and in the wet shaving would not work exactly, is on this point with the former on the safe side. A razor with sensor density adjusts itself completely to the requirements of the user by measuring the hair density and reacts with a specific number of vibrations. Here an optimized result is safe and yet there is no risk of injury. If you want, you can already buy devices with included cooling. This should achieve pleasant effects during the process.

But lasers can also be found in today’s repertoire: a laser fixed at the tip projects an accurate, thin track as a cutting line and also ensures exact results. The usual devices are so-called rotary shavers: they often even have several oscillating heads that rotate at the same time. The skin is permanently protected by a foil and the risk of cuts is completely ruled out.

Exactly here is the reason why the depth of cut is also limited: The big “pro” of dry shaving, the protection, at the same time prevents a finer result. Whether this is perceived as an afterthought or an advantage depends on the view of the observer. The feeling of smoothness as after a wet shave probably arises to a lesser extent, provided the quality of the products and procedure are equivalent. Provided the foil is always cleaned, this species is considered the gentler for the skin. Including a more sensitive complexion in the choice leaves me with a preponderance of the benefits of dry shaving.

As a conclusion, a balm or after-shave is to be used. The selection is more individualized criteria – each skin is different and the needs of the individual change over time.

Perfectionism and dry shaving – an illusion?

Anyone who always observes the above points and if necessary makes a second pass of the shave, can certainly subject the result in the magnifying mirror to a comparison to wet shaving. Whether the differences are relevant is in the eye of the beholder. For more information on shaving, you can also find shaving in a 1 × 1 shave – that’s the way it works! , Otherwise, I am pleased as always about your opinion or dry shaving, another article on wet shaving will follow soon!

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Dry shave and the attention to detail

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