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Drop fade haircuts

Drop fade haircuts

Each haircut should be tailored not only to the hair type but also to the shape of the head. The Drop Blend works for all guys, while other types of blends do not work.

The drop-fade gets its name from the way the fade falls behind the ear. Drop-fade haircuts may be low or medium, but they always follow the hairline.

The benefit of a drop-fade over a high fade effect is that the hair stays around the crown for a long time, where the hair tends to come up. Drop-fade haircuts also cover the back of the head, which protrudes at the back of the head. The exact angle of the drop-fade depends on your hairline, the position of your crown, and whether the fade is low or medium high.

Like other fades, the drop of fade can be added to any hairstyle and works for all hair types. It’s a way to add a modern update to a classic hairstyle, add a clean cut edge to a short look, or tame thick or curly hair.

Another benefit of drop-fade is that it has grown neat, which means you can add another week or more between barber visits. We’re all about low maintenance, high-style looks and drop fade hairstyles make the cut.

Check out a few ways to rock the drop-fade haircut in 2017.

1. The drops fade

Drop fade haircuts

Rokk Man Barbers

This low-drop fade shaves the hair down to the skin around the ears and leaves the rest of the hair in an easy-to-wear short men’s hairstyle. This version has a quick rejuvenation on the neckline, but the focus is on the bursting behind the ear.

2nd middle drop fade + twists

Drop fade haircuts

Dang schneidet Haare

A higher version of the Drop Fade, this medium bald fade increases the hairline by about 2 inches. It’s a cool contrast to black hair that can be worn in short spins, but would be a great addition to many other men’s hairstyles.

3. Preppy Haircut + Mid Fade

Drop fade haircuts

Bird & Co Barbershop

Getting the crown right is an integral part of every haircut. For many guys short hair will get up, no matter which product is there. The simple solution to this problem is hair of sufficient length to lie flat. The cut above makes up for an almost mid-length cut with a middle fade.

4. Structured culture trend + low fade

Drop fade haircuts

Kevin Luchmün

Here’s the popular structured harvest with a drop fade. The bald fade arches around the bottom of the occiput for a flattering, trendy and easy-to-wear hairstyle. Simply work your fingers with a little bit of textured product into the hair to define and hold it.

5th side hairstyle + beard

Drop fade haircuts

Pat Regan

This is a great example of a haircut that works with a man’s hair type. The fade starts at the top of the side panel, but drops down the back of the head to let hair around the crown. This slight fading also goes perfectly into a well-groomed beard with shaved lateral burns that lengthen in the cheeks.

Drop fade haircuts

Check, then

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that suits all men. Even better, …

Drop fade haircuts

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