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Driven by an inner fire, inspired by untamed power …

Depart for new adventures, stride forward to the challenge, without hesitation, without worrying. Full of energy, powered by an inner fire. This is how you feel when you decide to take the necessary steps to make a difference, to do something different than before. Full of dedication, with all your might, always eager to explore your own limits and not to be bothered by problems that get in your way.

An inner fire that burns …

The adventures that you can set off can be something great, such as hiking in a volcanic landscape, in the interior of which the flames still blaze, or even supposed little things like the response of the nice barista in the favorite café around the corner. Either way, you come a little closer to your own limits, and then decide whether to continue on your way full of energy and energy, without being pinned down, or rather giving up. Inspired by the new Tabac Man Fire Power , I’d like to take a look at what adventures are worth doing. Although you and I are already aware of this, when you have kindled this inner fire, it is not that fast anymore. I would like to introduce you to this with an example from my life. And no, the nice barista does not matter!

Driven by an inner fire, inspired by untamed power ...

Rather, itself is the best example of an adventure I plunged into, without knowing where the path will lead me. At that time, in June 2014, it was already clear to me that I wanted to write – the topics were already roughly defined: travel, lifestyle, fashion and otherwise everything that touches the modern man of today. However, I did not want to start at zero and thus took the chance to start a new adventure with this blog, some 170 published articles and a few thousand readers a month.

Questions as it is assumed that the blog is now led by someone other than the then founder, as the shift in content focuses and whether I have the energy to operate regularly, I have of course. And now, here we are, almost three and a half years later, still full of energy and driven by an inner fire, I spend time with this blog every day. Be it writing new articles, reading e-mails from agencies, labels, etc., or especially from you, I draw this strength from my readers.

Driven by an inner fire, inspired by untamed power ...

Because it really is a great feeling through style guides to help make some of you go a bit more stylish around the world. My shown trend hairstyles of the different seasons are taken as a template for the next hairdresser visit and from time to time for personal style tips is asked. The start of a new adventure with all its challenges, limits and beautiful sides has already paid off for me. The end is far from being in sight, I’m sure man-style still some time to operate and not let me get rid of problems that there are definitely behind closed doors also.

Driven by an inner fire, inspired by untamed power ...

In the course of time, one might think that the power and energy subsides, which is so in phases, but nevertheless, an inner burning, a passion drives me even a passion to continue. And of course motivates me in other areas to test my limits, not to let me go down and confidently to stand up for me and my visions.

Tabac Man Fire Power inspired by untrodden primal power of erupting, red-hot lava

The new fragrance Tabac Man Fire Power fits in well with the adventures of new adventures described above. Energetically. Significantly. Explosive. Is this for concentrated masculinity as well as the power and energy to tackle adventures, to test limits and not to be pinned down. Just a scent for really confident, robust men. Inspired by the elemental forces that are only seen in the outbreaking glowing red lava these days.

Driven by an inner fire, inspired by untamed power ...

Since mid-August, Tabac Man Fire Power has expanded Tabac Man’s fragrance portfolio. But not only the properties associated with the fragrance convey strength and energy, the design also knows how to convince. The bottle comes with a dull, lavaroter surface and a handy, roughened cap. Where the simple lettering in silver, black and orange emphasizes the contrast to the striking color of the bottle skilfully. Even in the box, the scent-inspiring glowing red magma flows in with the scent.

Driven by an inner fire, inspired by untamed power ...

Tabac Man Fire Power himself smells alive, warm and attractive male. In the heart, the scent on tobacco notes and aromatic lavender, for the freshness provides bergamot and his masculine-concise base note receives the scent of patchouli. Very special is benzoin, which gives the fragrance its distinctive warmth. Benzoin is also known as “frankincense from Java” due to the resin of the benzoea tree, which grows wild in mountainous regions above 1,000 meters.

  • Top notes: carnation, bergamot, cardamom
  • Heart note: lavender, tobacco
  • Base note: patchouli, vanilla, benzoin

For more information on the new fragrance Tabac Man Fire Power, visit the Tabac Man website , on Facebook or Instagram .

Win one of three Tabac Man Fire Power fragrances

Of course, Tabac Man Fire Power and I want to get you to deny your own adventures, go your own way. Stretches boundaries, gives you not beaten and still smells good. Therefore, three of you have the opportunity to win one Tabac Man Fire Power fragrance each.

Just comment under this post for what you are burning right now? What excites you and what you work for every day.

The competition starts on 08.09.2017 and ends on 16.09.2017 at 20:00. Otherwise, not much to say, except: Good luck!

Driven by an inner fire, inspired by untamed power ...

  • Any person who has a permanent residence in Germany and is over 18 years old is eligible to participate.
  • The winner will be determined by accident.
  • The winner will be notified by e-mail, to be indicated in the corresponding field when commenting.
  • If the winner does not respond within 14 days to the winning notification, he loses his claim to profit.
  • The winners will be randomly drawn and then written to by me, after receipt of the address, the fragrance will be delivered free of charge.
  • The legal process is excluded. Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is applicable.
  • Participation is free.
  • By participating in the competition, the participant expressly accepts these terms and conditions.

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Driven by an inner fire, inspired by untamed power ...

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