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Dealing with gray hair and the best shampoos

Do not believe everything you read on the internet except this page of course. Gray hair can not be prevented. Like everything else, including thinning hair, healthy living is the secret to look and feel best. So, eat a lot of healthy protein, more vegetables, as much sleep, relaxation and exercise as you can, stop smoking, drink a little more B12 and more water.

Dealing with gray hair and the best shampoos

Do not fight to turn gray at any age. On the bright side you are on the way to the silver fox. Hair dye is an option, but never looks right. Imitating the subtle nuances of natural hair is expensive and time consuming. Make the most of gray hair by taking care of it.

Being gray does not only change the color and texture. Strands tend to be drier, finer and sometimes more refractory than before. Without its own color, gray and white hair can absorb environmental pigments, chlorine and dyes in hair products, resulting in unwanted tints, including yellows and greens. The simple solution is to use products that contain more salt than pepper blocks.

If the hair is only partially gray, all of these options provide natural colors, while gray or white areas are glossed. If you prefer dark colors, you should look at Imperial Barber Blacktop Pomade, a tinted hair product that enhances the darker shades of the hair to naturally mask the gray.

Here are the best shampoos for gray hair :

Jhirmack Silver Whitening Shampoo – Many prefer this shampoo for gray, silver or white hair to some of the other options available. The light formula can be used more than once a week, but not every day.

Kevin Murphy Wash Maxi – This sulfate-free formula triggers a series of hair problems in addition to brightening dull gray hair. It also soothes irritated scalp, detoxifies sluggish or flaky scalp and balances sebum production. If you style hair every day, this shampoo also removes product buildup.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo + Conditioner – You will not see any ads for this popular shampoo, but it is still known. The protein-enriched shampoo lightens white and gray hair and removes yellow, while leaving the hair thicker and healthier.

However, this is not for everyday use. The dark blue formula can build up and make you a “blue hair”. Be warned that the blue can also stain bright joints.

Klorane Shampoo with Centaury – For a gentle, daily use of this shampoo, choose this formula is derived from botanical extracts. Centaury brightens up silver highlights, prevents gray hair from turning yellow, and leaves a soft, smooth texture.

Pantene Silver Expressions Daily Color Enhancing Shampoo – The gray hair dedicated formula from the popular drugstore brand is not always available on the shelves, but it’s online. It is the lowest cost option available that lightens hair and leaves curly hair shiny and manageable.

There is another important aspect in the care of gray hair. The lack of pigments means that your scalp is flammable in the sun. An alternative to putting on a hat all summer is a shampoo or conditioner with sunscreen. Goldwell DualSenses Sun Reflected Leave-In Protect Spray Protects hair and scalp from the harmful effects of UV rays, chlorine and salt water.

Dealing with gray hair and the best shampoos

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