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Cover dark circles

In the last article Nils asked if I used any products for dark circles or impurities. And since I tend to dark circles, especially if I have slept little or hungover, of course, I have to do something, of course, to be able to cover my dark circles. There are some tips & tricks on how to prevent dark circles or at worst hide them. So today I want to introduce my 7 tips against dark circles.

7 tips against dark circles

  1. Sleep – the most common cause of dark circles is fatigue or lack of sleep. Therefore, first of all, you should have enough sleep to do something good for your eyes and your body. Make sure you sleep with a pillow so that there is no blood and water in your head.
  2. Water – To keep your skin firm and healthy, drink a lot, preferably water. This ensures a better circulation and stimulates the metabolism.
  3. Fresh air – Also stimulating the metabolism and the circulation is a lot of fresh air. For this it is recommended to sleep on the one hand with the window open, or to go for a walk / jog.
  4. Cold – In order to specifically stimulate the circulation in the eye area, it is advisable to place an ice cube, a cold spoon or a cooling mask on the eyes. Of course, only as long as it is pleasant.
  5. Massage – Because the eye area is so sensitive, it is rarely properly massaged by us. Even a simple massage can eliminate water retention and small skin wrinkles. Simply work with two fingers in circular movements, the dark circles.
  6. Eye Creams – Because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and thin, it needs special care. There are special creams that are tailored to the special requirements.
  7. Make-Up – If hops & malt is already lost and you’ve been awake with eye rings on the day of an important “date”, there’s only one thing left to do: Cover the dark circles. – You can either use ordinary make-up, which is unlikely to have a man at home, or use special eye roll-ons designed for that.
Cover dark circles

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Dark Circles Products – This is how dark circles work

There are certainly a myriad of products for dark circles, but I would like to give you a brief overview of the products that I use myself and on which I trust:

  • Daydream B-1002-K Sleep Mask Basic black with cooling pad and Coolpack Cover dark circles
    This face mask with integrated cooling pad is intended for the beauty sleep. It cools your eyes during sleep and your dark circles are much less on the morning after.
  • Garnier Nahrologie Caffeine Eyes Roll-On tinted – For fair skin, 15 ml Cover dark circles
    This eye roll-on cools not only through its chrome ball, but leaves at the same time still a covering liquid, which contains caffeine. Afterwards you just have to distribute it a bit and pass it and your dark circles are clearly covered. The caffeine also ensures that the blood circulation is stimulated and your dark circles are alleviated.
  • Kyoku Eye Fuel
    I use this two-component cream for my eyes. Either you wear the gel in the morning for cooling and the cream in the evening for regeneration, or both together. Then I feel a very invigorating and fresh feeling, combined with a slight tension.

I hope that you will be helped by my 7 tips against dark circles and also the briefly presented products in the fight against your dark circles. If you liked the article, please click on the “Like” button as always.

Cover dark circles

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