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Corners and edges are the new six-pack: Find Your Magic

Believing in oneself and finding one’s own “thing” sounds easy, but in reality it is anything but that. You will certainly be able to agree with that !? Because in a society where you’re pretty quickly put in drawers, it’s hard to find your own thing and keep the faith in yourself. And you can be sure, I know what I’m writing about.

Corners and edges are the new six-pack: Find Your Magic

That’s why I think it’s great that AX is launching its new male grooming range under the motto “Find Your Magic” and encouraging these guys and men to believe in themselves and find their own “thing”. Because that’s amazingly attractive – that you have freckles in your face when the only one in the whole step has red hair or does not always do everything the way others ask for you. From where I know this? I speak from experience!

Find Your Magic – Go your way!

Exactly this boy I was in my school days: freckles in the face that even the Sams would be jealous. Red hair, with which I almost went as a brother of Pumuckl and a head that was stubborn in his earliest youth and always wanted to do his own thing. In hindsight, I can say with a clear conscience: everything done right!

Corners and edges are the new six-pack: Find Your Magic

Sure, it was not always easy to get along with spells and looks of the others. But as you get older, I quickly realized that all those things that were different from others made me special. I was aware of that only when a good friend gave me the following quote:

“You were born original, do not die as a copy!”

What should I say – my thinking was changed and also my appearance. Before, I let myself be submerged, after that it was only a tired smile, which the others have reaped on their sayings. Because honestly, everyone is interesting in his own way, unique and therefore attractive! What may initially appear to be a disadvantage can turn out to be a great advantage.

Corners and edges are the new six-pack: Find Your Magic

AX pursues this approach with Find Your Magic. Outdated role models have had their day. The six-pack goes, corners and edges come to the fore. Whether big nose, red hair, freckles or the smart grips, if you stand self-confidently, that makes you extremely attractive. Promised!

Great, how a supposed weakness becomes the biggest strength! You just have to believe in yourself and stand by it, which makes it unique and interesting. With the AX styling products of the new men’s care series, for example, you can implement your own, individual hairstyle and different styles with just a few simple steps. Thanks to the high-quality fragrance oils that come as the basis of the AX Daily Fragrances, you still have the perfect fragrance companion for every day and occasion at the start.

The 48H Anti-Perspirante will protect your style from odor and underarm wetness after the AX shower gels of the skin care range have previously provided a special care and shower sensation on the skin. Men, what else should go wrong?

Corners and edges are the new six-pack: Find Your Magic

What else you can do with the products of the new AX Men’s Care series is shown in these how-to videos . I especially liked the video about Kaines perfect ironed shirt or Jonah’s wild redhead. I’m curious what you like the most.

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Corners and edges are the new six-pack: Find Your Magic

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