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Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Which men’s hairstyles look best with beards? The hair can be any length, as well as the beard. It really depends more on the hair than on the beard. Everything that works for your hair type and face shape is still the best choice.

Cool men hairstyles with a beard can be anything from a shaved head to long hair and any length in between. Fades also look good with beard, because they can seamlessly transition into facial hair.

If you are not sure, have your beard cut along with your hairstyle for it to fit together. Then you can keep the beard shape until the next cut.

Take a look at these cool men’s hairstyles that look good with all kinds of beards.

1. Pomp + High Fade

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Ivan Rodriguez Hernández

This medium length pomp with a high fade that rejuvenates to the skin, looks great with a short well-groomed beard.

2. Buzz Fade + Short Beard

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Braid barbers

With an ultra short textured cut top, skin fade and short beard, this is a simple style that looks good.

3. Bald Buzz + beard

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Eddie Rosado

Sometimes the best hairstyle for a beard is not hair. The bald buzz looks good with all beard lengths, but is especially striking paired with a full beard.

4. High and tight

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Nomad Barber LDN

The high and tight is one of the most popular hairstyles for guys with curly hair. It leaves some length and texture above while the sides stay short. This slight fading rejuvenates directly into the beard.

5. Slick back + middle fade

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Paul Preshaw

All classic mens hairstyles look good with a beard. This style gets a modern update with a medium fade and natural finish.

6. Middle hair + full beard

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Adam Joseph Chase

Many men haircuts have no fade and here is one of them. The hair is medium length with short sides, which rejuvenate in the side burn and the full beard. This lined style looks good, but this cut also looks great when worn on one side or messy.

7. Side part hairstyle + high fade

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Shawn Barbz

Another modern classic, the side hairstyle is the perfect companion for every beard, especially this fine specimen. The beard is cared for to perfection with a rejuvenated side burning, clean neck and cheeks and sculpted length.

8. Structured Harvest + Taper Fade

Cool mens hairstyles with beards


The structured harvest English:…27&Itemid=47 It is one of the breakout – trends of the year, giving the Lumberjack – Bart with a fashionable touch a new note mustache . This hairstyle can be worn with fringes like above or textured spikes.

9. Messy man Ban

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

Phil Bottenberg

Long curly hair and a beard is the ultimate combination for guys who grow big hair. With the right care and outfit it is ultra stylish. The messy man, being carried high, adds a casual touch to an otherwise polished look.

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

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The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that suits all men. Even better, …

Cool mens hairstyles with beards

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