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Cheap Razors – Make the switch

For the beardless shaving can be expensive. Here’s a look at the shaving alternatives to keep you smooth and nick-free without breaking the bank. If you are looking for cheap razors , a safety razor is your best bet. Here is the summary of all your options. We will not even discuss disposables.

Drugstore razors Cheap Razors - Make the switch

These razors with multiple blades are affordable for the first time, but new blades can cause a shock. According to one source, razor markup is up to 4,000 percent times the production cost. The Amazon Favorit Schick Hydro 5 Blade is only $ 10.00 for the razor and then $ 4.00 per blade, even with the reduced subscription price.

Dest website recommends a “clean, sharp blade”, but how long does a blade last? According to Gillette , a razor holds for 5 weeks. That’s about $ 50.00 a year for fresh blades.

Razor Subscription

Subscription services offer deep discounts for razor blades. The Dollar Shave Club features monthly plans from $ 1.00 to $ 9.00 with 4 or 5 fresh blades per month. If you need to replace the blade only once a month, you will have plenty of stock by the end of the year.

electric razor

Switching to electric is an alternative to manual shavin. For guys with sensitive faces, it can save your skin, but does it save you money? Electric shavers range in price from $ 30.00 to well over € 200.00. Suppose a sweet spot of quality and value is between $ 100.00 and $ 150.00. The head must be replaced once a year at a price of $ 25.00 to $ 40.00. Although shaving is easier, it can not be as close as a blade. Like an electric toothbrush, the extra cost can be worth it depending on your situation.


Cheap Razors - Make the switch Razors are cool, no doubt. They are the original razors and still used in hairdressing salons to give you the best shave. A decent razor costs only $ 30.00, although for high-end materials the price can reach up to hundreds.

Blades are cheap with a deal on Amazon giving 300 razors for only $ 30.00. Straight razors are a big deal, but not easy to use. While some men enjoy using them at home, for most men, they are best left to the professionals.


Cheap Razors - Make the switch The simpler alternative to razors, safety razors reduce ingrown hair and razor burn. The razor itself costs $ 40.00 and above. Check out this elegant chrome plated model on Baxter’s Double Edge Shaver from California .

The real savings are in the blades. These are the cheapest razors available. A 100-pack can be found for only $ 10.99. Extend the discount even further by turning the blade over and reusing it. Unlike brand razors, these blades are interchangeable. Without plastic casting or elaborate packaging, safety razors are also a greener option.

Safety razors are easier to use than razors, but not as simple as modern razors. The blade does not adapt to the face angles, so additional work and time are required. The end product is smoother, less irritating and better suited for sensitive skin. The ritual of soaping and the next shave at home is fun.

shaving cream

The cost can be further reduced by switching from the use of canned foam to shaving brush and soap. In fact, many guys go for the complete classic shave experience when switching to the razor. Prices vary greatly depending on the materials for the bristles and handles, but a reasonable entry-level boar bristle brush should only be $ 30oo – $ 50.00. Soaps also vary in price, but last for ages.

Start with the Baxter of California Shave 123 Kit or Imperial Barber Field Shaving Kit with Shaving Brush, Soap, After Shave and more.

Cheap Razors - Make the switch

Cheap Razors - Make the switch

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