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Caesar haircut

Caesar haircut

The Caesar haircut is one of those classic men’s hairstyles that will never go out of fashion. It is characterized by short, horizontally straight cut pony. The hair on the sides may be the same length as fringes or shorter.

The textured crop trend with blunt pony effects has brought the Caesar-style pony back to the great past. It is also always popular because the short pony minimizes the appearance of a receding hairline. After all, it’s a short men’s hairstyle that looks good.

Updates on the traditional fringe include textured cuts, angled pony and a serrated finish.

Take a look at these 15 ways to classic and new ways to wear the Caesar haircut.

1. The original Caesar Cut

Caesar haircut

This bust of Julius Caesar shows the origin of this short man’s hairstyle.

2. Marlon Brando Caesar Haircut

Caesar haircut

Caesar’s friend and right-hand man Marc Antony wore the same haircut. Here he is played by Marlon Brando with the short pony featuring the Caesar cut.

3. Short men’s haircut

Caesar haircut
Caesar Haircut

This modern Caesar is everywhere set off with fringes, which wear with a lumpy texture over the forehead.

4. Thickness + Textured Caesar Cut

Caesar haircut

Stephen J.

The Cesar haircut is strong again in the form of the crop trend. This cool version tames thick hair with a lot of cool texture and heavy blunt fringes.

5. Asymmetric fringe

Caesar haircut

Skyler Leduc

This fresh interpretation of the crop trend and the classic Caesar shows a piece of volume and jagged bangs.

6. Caesar + fade

Caesar haircut

Juan Abreu

The Caesar cut works well with a fade. This version offers thick bangs cut in a straight line.

7. Angled Caesar

Caesar haircut

Bryan Lefeber

This cool buzz fade includes short pony on a slight diagonal.

8. Choppy Fringe

Caesar haircut

Don’s cuts

This cool short haircut for men tames thick hair in style. The textured top is trendy, while the chopped line of the fringe is a new take on Caesar Pony.

9. Temple fading

Caesar haircut

Justin Polisi

Old meets new with a blunt Caesar pony fading into a temple .

10. Structured harvest

Caesar haircut

Danny & Co. Hairdressers

The textured crop trend has reinvented the Caesar haircut with layering and fade.

11. Caesar haircut for curly hair

Caesar haircut

Flanagan’s Barbers

This cut is absolutely an option for men with wavy or curly hair. The hair is long enough to loosen, but the fringes are short enough to match the definition of a Caesar haircut.

12. Short harvest

Caesar haircut

Dan ‘Hudson’ Frangiamore

This short crop feature features layering for texture and short blunt fringes that are the hallmark of a Caesar cut.

13. High Fade Haircut

Caesar haircut

Josh Connolly

Blunt fringe is the heaviest part of this short haircut with a high fade.

14. Heavy harvest

Caesar haircut

MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming

This crop leaves the hair heavy but textured on the top with a medium bare fade to lighten things around the sides and back.

15. Short haircuts for gray hair

Caesar haircut

Skyler Leduc

The texture of the gray hair works well for the pony of a Caesar cut (George Clooney used to rock the look).

16. Choppy Blunt Fringe

Caesar haircut

Teodorescu “SPUKHAN” Radu

Textured Blunt Pony is interrupted by a long line for a fresh style that will make people look twice.

Caesar haircut

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Caesar haircut

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