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Braid Barbers UK

The fresh cuts and dense fades off Braid Barbiere caught our attention many times in 2015. The UK-based chain has three locations, each with three very talented barbers working the chairs. The flagship is in Milton Keynes, where founder Robert Braid unfolds his magic. The other sites are in Leamington Spa and Banbury.

Braid Barbers as a group offers a variety of modern and unique haircuts. Her passion for innovative looks is reflected in the hot new styles seen on Instagram.

Let’s take a look at some of her recent work.

1. Classic Pompadour + Hard Part

Braid Barbers UK
An update on the classic pompadour, this precision cut has a touch of military influence. A razor part adds even more disconnection to the broken connection . On the top, the hair is roughened for a maximum volume with a medium-bright product.

2. Combover Pomp + High Fade

Braid Barbers UK
In contrast to the juxtaposition of undercut pomp, this high fade gradually tapers from long to short. The hair at the top is designed to combine with a high height. This look is about a combination of styling, especially with a hair dryer, and to find the right product for your hair.

3. Cool Hi Lo Fade with fine lines hard parts

Braid Barbers UK
There is no rule that says you can only have one part. This cool cut takes it to the next level with a threefold hard part. Two parts hit the temples with a fading skin, while the third part continues the arch of the hairline on the right with long hair combed in the opposite direction.

4. Wild Teddy Boy Haircut

Braid Barbers UK Inspired by the styles worn by dandies in the Edwardian period, this Teddy Boy hairstyle is older than the Greaser duck ass and biscuit roll . Short hair with a high all-round undercut emphasize the height and geometry of this eye-catching look.

4. Undercut curly hair

Braid Barbers UK

The undercut and fade trends do not just look good. They are also great for people with wavy, curly and thick hair who need some taming. If you keep the sides and back closed, you can make the hair on the top longer and styled or loose.

5. Medium Fade + Long Fringe Up Front

Braid Barbers UK

The Fade is an extremely versatile cut that can cut hair short or deep on the skin, high or low, just around the ears or around the hairline. This unique men’s hairstyle combines long hair worn in a wavy pony over the forehead and a medium fade that beckons from the temple.

6. Short Hair Combover + Wedge + High Bald Fade

Braid Barbers UK

Short sides and back, longer at the top cuts come in a wide range of styles. This cool style combines modern geometry with a vintage cut and piercings with a mustache .

7. Slicked (Dry) Back Undercut

Braid Barbers UK

Not every hairstyling revolves around the product. This high slick back provides volume and hold while blow-drying, while hair is combed up and back. There is nothing to wash out and no expensive products to buy.

8. Longer messy hair + undercut

Braid Barbers UK Slick men styles can be coiffed or wildly worn on Donald Draper. These textured waves look good with a full beard. Undercut pages provide a blank canvas for every style.

9. Long Fringe Messy Hair with conical hairline

Braid Barbers UK

Longer hair means more styling options. Mix it by wearing hair hairs forward instead of the ever popular combo. This cool look combines different trends like fringe, layering and textured spikes.

10. hide skin pompadour + double razor part

Braid Barbers UK

Nothing separates a hairstyle like several parts. If you go for a double, both parts must be on the same side. Instead of going for parallel lines, this unique cut shows a few razor parts in a slight V-shape.

11. High structured quiff + high fade

Braid Barbers UK While ultra-defined spikes are no longer in vogue, it’s still about height. Achieving this look requires both a sturdy styling product and the heat of a hair dryer.

12. Short-haired harvest

Braid Barbers UK

Guys are always looking for cool short haircuts and that’s what they’re trying for 2016. With a lot of layering and texture, this cut works for men with thick and hard to manage hair. Use a touch of dull product to get this ruffled look.

14. Pompadour + Razor Part Braid

Braid Barbers UK

The braided man bun was one of last year’s most intriguing men’s hairstyles. This stunning style gets the look without having to grow long hair.

15. Classic Cut Slicked Back with Comb Work

Braid Barbers UK Sometimes the best cuts are newly invented versions of the classics. This outstanding cut is very similar to the iconic style of James Dean, but with tapered, faded sides and even more top-level. You can wear this cool men’s style with a suit, a white T-shirt and jeans.

Braid Barbers UK

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