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Bond Moments – Gillette awakens the 007 in every man

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The agent of British MI6 James Bond certainly has not only been with me all my life. James Bond has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, the first Bond films I first saw with my dad, then the older parts with friends and now with my wife for a few years. James Bond is just one of them, and it’s not surprising that this feeling comes to mind, considering that we’ve arrived at twenty-four with SPECTER.

SPECTRE is also in the spotlight today, and finally, anticipation of the film, which will be released on November 5, with Daniel Craig in the lead role, is slowly starting to emerge. In this Bond is led by an enigmatic message, from his past, on the trail of a sinister organization SPECTER. As we know our British agent, he does not just leave it scratching the surface, on the contrary, the double-zero agent is working his way through the layers of the organization to get behind the secret of SPECTER.

“Never say no to adventures. Always say yes “. – Ian Fleming

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I can not tell you more about the film and its content, because I have deliberately omitted posts in other blogs, websites and Wikipedia, so that the film actually remains a very special experience when I see this for the first time in the cinema. One of my personal Bond moments, which each of us experiences in everyday life. To elucidate the term “Bond Moments” , these are inspired by the James Bond creator and famous author Ian Fleming and are currently being brought into focus by Gillette.

The current campaign shows us that Bond Moments are the moments when the man is sovereign and absolutely self-confident. Of course, such moments do not just happen, they are precisely prepared.

Bond Moments - Gillette awakens the 007 in every man

So how do you prepare for such special moments? Here too, Gillette has the right solution. Since October 1st, the company has been offering the limited edition Gillette ProGlide Flexball 007 SPECTER gift set, which is the ideal gadget for bond styling. But that’s not all. What’s interesting for us fashion-loving men is the fact that Gillette collaborates with Jany Temime, the award-winning costume designer of SKYFALL and SPECTER.

Bond Moments - Gillette awakens the 007 in every man

On October 10th, Jany Temime took over the Gillette Twitter account to give each man the styling tips he needs to be perfectly prepared anytime, anywhere. You had the opportunity to ask her questions, or to share in her tips on how to create your own personal styling for the perfect “Bond Moment” as a man.

Bond Moments - Gillette awakens the 007 in every man

I myself stopped by on Gillette’s Twitter account on Saturday, October 10th. After all, you can still learn something that has not been read here at yet. However, the more important date for me is still when I try to reserve tickets for the earliest possible performance of SPECTER. Wish me good luck!

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Bond Moments - Gillette awakens the 007 in every man

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