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Best products for prickly hair

Spiky Hair is a manly hairstyle that is here to stay. Whether it’s football stars, jersey shore or anime, pointy hair is fun, cool and makes a statement. Here are the best products for prickly hair with tons of hold, which also wash out.

In the past, hair gel was synonymous with hairspikes. Modern products have come a long way from the stiff, sticky, flaky versions of the past, but Gel is still in disgrace for Spiked Dos.

Best products for prickly hair

The current product of choice are waxes and pomades. They provide the same support and are also versatile, flexible and easier to wash. Even better, you are not just limited to spikes. With wax and pomades, every look can be styled from smooth to chaotic or simply hold the hair in place.

1. Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax

This Japanese product line is one of the top brands for creative and prickly hairstyles. With the goal of making every hairstyle a reality, the formula combines maximum grip and agile texture that can be transformed at any time. This is absolutely the best choice for coarse Asian hair or for people with bulky thick hair.

The most popular formula is prickly edge with maximum support and minimal shine. It is suitable for short hair, but can also be used to make longer hair to Liberty spikes, a mohawk or a vertical hairstyle. Air lift is formulated for medium-long and longer hair and gives volume additional hold. If you want shine without the shine, choose Wilder Shake .

2. TIGI head end for men

As a brand for most hair needs, Bed Head offers several options for men only. Matte release wax is one of the top sellers, with a lot of hold and definition with a natural matte finish. Beeswax and glycerin give style and moisture and prevent it from drying out or peeling off. This product can withstand even hot and humid weather.

Another pliable option that can be reformed throughout the day is the bed head hair wax stick . The lightweight formula leaves no residue and washes easily, making it suitable for thin and fine hair. In addition to the semi-matte finish is the touch of lavender, but is a bargain for others.

3. Star wax premium pomade

Star Wax is known for its durable and water-soluble products that are flexible and easy to rinse. The mixture of oils and herbs has a stimulating scent. The thickest formula with the most hold is crystal with all the glitter of the original. For a matte finish with the same strong hold there is the star wax tone formula.

All of these products work for all types of straight hair, from fine to thick. For men with thick, coarse hair – if these products do not work for you, the problem could be your hairstyle. Thinning the hair with some layers will make these spike looks achievable.

Like Style Spiky Hair with wax or pomade style

Best products for prickly hair

1. Place a pea-sized swab on the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together and spread the product evenly on the palms and between the fingers until it is heated and transparent.

2. Work the wax into the hair, starting from the neck to the forehead.

3. Work your hair up with your fingers. Use a comb for a precise finish or twist the strands of hair between your fingers for a textured look.

4. If necessary, add more wax. Always start with a small amount of wax, add more in stages. Excessive use produces greasy, lumpy hair.

5. Finally, make sure that the glass is tightly closed. These products dry out quickly when exposed to the air

Best products for prickly hair

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