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Beauty surgeries for men – the most common procedures at a glance

Beauty surgeries are not a women’s business. The men also go under the knife to optimize their appearance . Prominent examples are Jürgen Klopp, Silvio Berlusconi or Wayne Rooney.

While for the ladies especially breast surgery is an unstoppable trend, the masters of the creation of course book other beautification measures. What these are and how much they cost, is here.

Quickly lose fat mass

A classic in the men’s liposuction . Above all men over the age of 40, who are struggling with fat on the lower abdomen or on the loins as well as on the chest, resort to this measure. However, these are not clearly overweight men, as liposuction is not a means of heavy weight loss. Rather athletic men sign up for such an intervention to optimize the body.

The cost of such a liposuction are between 5,000 and 8,000 euros.

Small interventions on the head for a lot of effect

Already at the age of 18 men register for a hair transplant . An early or excessive hair loss is a problem that many are struggling with. A balding one not only restricts the choice of hairstyle but also makes man look “old” . A toupee is not an alternative for many, which is why between 4,000 and 10,000 euros are spent on a professional hair transplant.

It promises excellent results that look authentic. After all, not only hair is transplanted at this costly procedure, but the hair follicles are transplanted. This allows the alopecia to fight permanently. However, there is no one hundred percent certainty with the procedure. The follicles can be repelled and the bald head can come back despite successful transplantation.

A very established beauty surgery in men is the donning of the ears . Sail ears look ugly, diminish the overall impression and are often already a big burden for children. Many reputable surgeons perform such an operation from the age of 16 years ago. The costs amount to about 5,000 euros. The procedure is relatively straightforward and the risks are minimal. The result can ultimately be a whole life to be happy.

Beauty surgeries for a younger look

Not only the ladies run after a younger look, but also the men want to radiate youthfulness . This is only slightly influenced by creams and ointments, which is why beauty surgeries and wrinkle reduction procedures have long since become standard in men.

  • From the age of 50, many men opt for a Schlupflid surgery, whose price is around 3,000 euros. As a result, the face gains in freshness, as the look no longer looks so dull and tired.
  • From the age of 40, men also put up for a classic facelift under the knife, which can quickly cost 10,000 euros and more. Thanks to modern methods, it is possible to prevent the face from looking like a mask.

In addition, surgeons advise not to repeat the facelift often. Otherwise, the face will eventually lack elasticity and the actually positive effects will turn into negative.

In addition, wrinkle treatments with fillers such as autologous fat or hyaluronic acid are highly sought after in men over the age of 40. They have the advantage that these fillers can be splashed under the skin by trained personnel quite easily. After a short time, the effect can be seen. The side effects are low and also the costs are manageable with about 1,000 euros.

It should be noted, however, that no lasting result can be achieved. The fillers expands the body again. Men over the age of 35 are also increasingly opting for the around 600 to 800 Euro expensive Botox treatments . The proven remedy promises in a very short time a smoothing of wrinkles. However, many people can beautify their lips or emphasize their cheeks.

A tighter upper body

A lot can be achieved with sports and nutrition , but not everything. For example, those who have slimmed down many kilos successfully often notice a loose abdominal wall. To make the hanging belly in shape, a visit to the plastic surgeon may be advisable.

Especially gentlemen over the age of 40 are opting for the around 8,000 euro tummy tuck , which can make good results possible. In this procedure, the surgeon removes flabby skin flaps with fatty deposits in the lower abdominal wall in order to ultimately be able to model the abdominal wall.

Another well-known and frequently performed beauty surgery on the upper body of the men is the breast correction , which costs around 6,000 euros. Already young men from the age of 20 agree on an appointment, because men’s breasts can seriously reduce their self-confidence. Some sufferers even avoid public swimming pools and do not want to undress in front of their partner.

A breast correction provides a remedy . As part of this procedure, the excess fat and gland tissue is removed by the doctor. Often he also reduces the Burstwarzenvorhof with too large nipples. Excellent results can be achieved, which can increase the own body feeling considerably. After all, men’s breasts usually arise due to a genetic predisposition, against which there is no other means than an operation.

Beauty Surgery: A calculable risk for an improved appearance

Whether a beauty surgery is advisable, ultimately, every master must decide for themselves. They have become salon-savvy and the risks are manageable if a good doctor is chosen. In addition, the preventive measures recommended by the physician should be heeded.

Aftercare and check-ups are also important. Regardless of what action is ultimately, he should be well considered. Beauty surgeries are not magic tools that will change the whole life. However, they can contribute significantly to well-being, which can be used to sustainably optimize the quality of life.

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Beauty surgeries for men - the most common procedures at a glance

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