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Beard Care Tips: Keep your beard stylish and well-groomed

In the small shaving and beard care guide Niels Bloecker from Razor MD – Shaving and Grooming Company has already addressed the most important points in beard care. Nevertheless, I would like to expand the whole thing a bit and deepen the beard care tips a bit. Finally, it should be ensured that your beard is stylish and well-maintained. Thus, the question is also quasi “How to groom (s) his beard right?” A little deepened.

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The choice of the right beard style: basis for the beard care tips

Before you think about which beard care tips to use as in everyday life, you should first think about the right beard style. Because not every beard style can be maintained the same. The difference lies here partly in the detail. After all, a fine goatee needs a different kind of attention than, for example, a rough, chunky beard.

Beard Care Tips: Keep your beard stylish and well-groomed

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But how do you find your right beard style? Here, it clearly depends on the interaction of various factors: Face shape, hair growth and your own lifestyle play a crucial role. For example, if you have a rather elongated face, it is advisable to wear a fuller beard to replenish your face visually a little. Conversely, you bear less beard hair with a round face to reduce the width.

Basically, it’s just about the proportions in balance. By choosing the right beard, you can take a look to a whole new level. Whereby a “wrong” beard style causes exactly the opposite. Furthermore, the own beard growth must be considered. If you need six weeks for a three-day beard alone, then you should beat the beard directly out of your head. Below we now go to the proper care of the beard.

Beard Care Tips: That’s how it works

With regard to proper beard care, it depends on the combination of individual care steps. I have listed these below in the appropriate order.

Wash your own beard properly

In the shower you should not just wash your hair. Even your own beard should be washed regularly. Especially when we speak of a full beard, this can catch a lot of crumbs and dirt. Furthermore, not enough moisture gets to your own skin, which can dry out. To avoid this, one should peel the skin twice a week. Washing the barts is also recommended to remove fats and bacteria from it.

Beard Care Tips: Keep your beard stylish and well-groomed

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Shampoo – What’s good for the hair, it’s not necessarily for the beard

Of course you can use your own hair shampoo to wash and shampoo your own beard. You should not do it anyway. At least not if you want to enjoy your own beard for a long time. For beard hair is basically thicker and coarser than normal hair, so it needs a stronger shampoo. In addition, shampoos contain ingredients that can rid the beard hair of its natural oils.

That’s why you should look for a special beard shampoo. It is important that this has essential oils, vitamins and phytochemicals. As a result, not only the own beard hair is cared for, but also the underlying skin. Certainly does not harm.

Beard oil, an underrated care product

Was in the previous two paragraphs still the talk of Bart wash and shampoo, now we want to seriously bring oil into play? Indeed. But do not worry, we’re not talking about simple cooking oil. Instead, it’s more about high-quality beard oil, which should maintain its own beard accordingly.

The beard oil, as the name suggests, is applied to the beard. This oil softens the hair and moisturises the skin below it. The daily massaging of a beard oil on the face and neck can help to create optimal growth conditions for your beard and maintain existing whiskers.

Good beard oils contain jojoba, which has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and protect the beard roots. The natural seed oils moisturize and improve the look of the beard hair. Beard oil is a daily-used product to reduce beard itching – perfect for early growth or for beards that require little styling.

The details are important

In addition to washing, shampooing, and maintain with beard oil, it still depends on one or the other detail more if you want to consistently implement the beard care tips. This is how a beard comb works wonders. Because of this one can prevent that one’s own beard becomes the unruly mess. Especially if you want to apply beard oil on a full beard, the use of such a comb is recommended.

Of course, it is also on the right care, especially the beard. Simply approaching the beard with a razor is not effective. For example, it is advisable to use a pair of fine scissors to keep the lips free of small hairs. As a result, contours can be cut less hard. This should be avoided especially along the jawbone. Just does not look good.

Beard Care Tips: Keep your beard stylish and well-groomed

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Furthermore, you should be aware that you can do a lot in terms of beard care. Now and then you should treat yourself to a visit to the barber of his trust. Because this one knows how to form a beard from the ground up, to care for it properly and to let it look that flatters your face. At least if you have found the right barber for this.

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Beard Care Tips: Keep your beard stylish and well-groomed

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