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Bart Trends 2019 – that's what we can expect …

Even though the new year has already passed the first few days, I would like to take a look at the Bart Trends 2018. Of course I had to do some research and gather information to show you the Bart Trends 2018, as I seldom wear a beard myself. Nevertheless, there are of course enough bearded bearers out there who would like to try something different in 2018. Away from the three-day beard or the wildly proliferating beard, to a more stylish beard.

If we’re honest, a beard does not have to be unkempt, wild and random. On the contrary, with a little imagination, care and dedication, you can enhance your style and look with the right beard. To be fair, one must also note that an improper beard style can devalue one’s own appearance very quickly. So that this does not happen to you at least, now follow the Bart Trends 2018 for the modern man as an inspiration.

Heavy stubble beard / stubble

A beard that requires no great care, as the name suggests and the photos hint. This beard style stands for a very masculine, robust appearance. The stubble is said to be heavy because the beard not only gets by for three days without razors, but around the ten days. As a result, he looks a bit neglected by the style, but the longer stubble gradually takes on a beard form. In addition, the stubble are not quite so pointed, but are softer. A point that your partner really appreciates. Promised!

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

By the way, the beard variant, which should be used when your own beard is not really growing. Stubble come on their own, then only have to be brought into shape a bit. Here you can orientate wonderfully on the line, which is given by the own jawbone structure. In combination with high cheekbones and a pronounced jaw line a good option. But even with roundish faces you can score with this style. By punctiform definition and trimming the stubble you can miss his face the desired shape. So at least visually.

Heavy stubble is especially convincing as one of the Bart Trends 2018, when you wear it with a short hairstyle. I can hardly imagine this style with long hair, because here the relationship of upper hair to beard just does not come into its own. With a buzz cut, say the hair extremely short, this variant can certainly convince.

Pronounced Mustache / Mustache

As early as 2017, the mustache aka mustache was very much in vogue . In 2018, he will now be given his very special twist. Or let’s call it expression. If the mustache was worn alone last year, this will happen in 2018 in combination with a full beard. The special thing about it, the mustache or mustache stands out despite the length of the beard from this. The hair on the upper lip is left longer. The resulting contrast between shorter beard and longer Mustache, this pronounced variant.

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

For this type of mustache you need a little patience, a sense of style as well as the dedication to the care of the beard. As a man, one can count on good and happy with six to eight months, to convince the desired result of the distinctive Mustache. It is important that you never shave above the lip, or bring in shape. Just let it grow. It is more important to bring the hair to the right and left of it in shape.

With regard to care, the use of a mustache comb is recommended, which stretches the whiskers. With a little wax this is also brought into shape and kept shiny. If in doubt, your hairdresser should take care of the beard on your next appointment. Then you can be sure that you will not shave too much and ruin your way to your personal Beard Trend 2018 with a cut. Would be a pity.

The longer short beard

This style of beard is one of the most popular in 2018. Although the year has not yet begun in a rudimentary way, one can underline this statement. A style that does not require too much care, fits in with most hairstyles and looks both elegant and robust. The shape follows the facial features, with the beard held close to the cheeks, the hair itself is about one centimeter long. In the direction of the chin, it lingers a bit longer to visually extend the face and give it a more masculine form.

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Necessary enough for this style is enough facial hair. It should grow as evenly as possible so that no spots or uneven lines are created. Once this is done, the longer short beard will not cause any problems. Nevertheless, one should expect a good one month growth period. The skin also needs a little care and should not be neglected.


A classic that also plays a role in the Beard Trends 2018 is the beard. Voluminous, tall, rough, rude and pure virility. With the necessary attention and care, one can acquire a beard that attracts attention. In addition, one thing is needed above all else: time. Because such a beard does not grow from one day to the next. It takes time. Beard oils, balm and wax are part of the inventory list in the bathroom of this beard style in order to deliver a well-groomed appearance.

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...

Photo by Donald Teel on Unsplash

It’s not easy to just grow. The shape has to fit and you only get that if you cut the full beard and grow it to its final shape. But this effort is certainly justified if you are rewarded with a beard that never goes out of style. The both noble, if well maintained and a little chaotic, if not work. Changeable despite its length in appearance and a sign that you are ready to work to realize your own dream of full beard.

Van Dyke

The Van Dyke is named after the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. In this two styles meet each other, the classic goat or goatee as well as the mustache / mustache. This is at least the simplest version dar. The cheeks are completely shaved, only a goatee and a mustache are left. However, this particular style has many different variants. For example, the goatee may be continued towards the lip or the mustache is wavy worn.

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...

Symbol photo | Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Only two of a variety of ways to carry the Van Dyke beard. Important for this look is the right care. Because stubble quickly destroy the sight and the laboriously worked out form of Van Dyke. A beard comb is also part of the necessary accessories, as well as a corresponding beard wax. Because just with the latter you can bring his beard in shape and lift this visually to the next level.

Products for proper care of Bart Trends 2018

As you can imagine, beards do not find their shape without external impact. At least not if you want this shape to look something. For this reason, I have looked around a bit and collected three products that are, at least in the reviews to best suited to bring your own beard in the form. In a form that looks good and can also convince with regard to the Bart Trends 2018.

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...
Beard Care Set Beard Care from Germany Mr Burton’s – incl. Beard oil classic, bartshampoo, beard brush, beard scissors and comb

  • CONTENTS: Mr. Burton’s Beard Care Kit contains everything you need to beautify your beard. The beard oil classic, it combines five different, nourishing oils and smells wonderfully gentle yet masculine to orange, patchouly, bergamot and cedar. A nourishing Bartshampoo with a high content of argan oil and panthenol, a valuable beard scissors, a comb and a laser-engraved beard brush made of pear wood with wild boar bristles, packed in a practical storage box.
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Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...
Beard Care Set “BLEACH MAKER” by BARTFORMAT (4 parts) – Round Beard Brush (Wild Boar Bristle) + Beard Balm (60ml) + Beard Comb (Pearwood) – The beard care gift set for men

  • BARTFORMAT BART BALSAM – Soft Balm with shea butter, apricots, jojoba and argan oil. Gives your beard the desired hold and shape without hardening or leaving an oily film
  • BARTFORMAT BARTBÜRSTE – handy round brush made of beech wood with wild boar bristles – incl. Storage box
  • BARTFORMAT BARTKAMM – 100% natural beard care with noble laser engraving. By using pear wood our beard comb is stable, sturdy & antistatic
  • PRACTICAL EXTRAS – The large cotton toilet bag (23cm x 19cm) with leak protection and a sturdy storage box for the beard brush are ideal for transporting and storing your beard products.
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Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...
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Bart Trends 2018 – a conclusion

As in the past year, I am again wavering, let me grow a beard. Sufficiently interesting cuts and styles finally exist. Could something have been there for you, right? Hence my question: what is your personal beard trend 2018? My favorite, certainly also for the reason that the likelihood is the greatest this time actually to wear, the heavy stubble.

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Bart Trends 2019 - that's what we can expect ...

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