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Bart Trends 2019 – that's what awaits us …

The year is coming to an end and soon some men may ask themselves the question: What are the Bart Trends 2017? Personally, I do not count myself, either because I bear no beard or at most a three-day beard. Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you and other interested parties about some of the upcoming Bart Trends 2017 for men. After all, we do not all walk clean-shaven through the area.

Update: Current Bart Trends for the year 2018 can be found in the previously linked article!

And are we honestly, a well-groomed beard, which fits the style and look of a man, its appearance again to revalue a lot. The same applies of course in the other direction, an inappropriate beard style evaluates the own appearance without batting an eyelid. To make sure this does not happen, the Bart Trends 2017 are now inspiring for the modern man.


A beard trend which probably will not go out of fashion in 2017 is the beard. Incarnation of masculinity, voluminous, tall and impressive. No other beard attracts more attention and shows that its wearer has consciously opted for this. Because to achieve such a volume and size, it’s not enough to just grow your beard for five days. It requires care and dedication.

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us ...

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Therefore, it is to be reckoned with a full beard that this must be regularly treated with beard oils, balm and wax to deliver a neat appearance. Moreover, it is not enough that the beard is somehow allowed to grow. On the contrary, bringing targeted in shape and cutting or partial shaving of the Vollbarts is mandatory! Otherwise, the full beard is no longer a trend, but a sight that you do not want to see.

Edgy and Fading

What is the appeal behind this beard trend? Edgy and Fading? First of all, this beard style is more suitable for men with an angular face and the name is program. Thus, the shape of the beard is kept edged, that is, a clear contour can be seen and is not as in the beard into each other. For this it is necessary to regularly bring the beard in shape, or to hold.

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us ...

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Fading in this style is that the beard towards the hairline / ears decreases in volume, the hair fades accordingly and loses volume. Say, the edgy and fading beard style has a clear structure, which has the most hair volume in the area of ​​the chin and decreases in the direction of the hair. This style is very complex in the care, as it is always important to ensure that the edgy cut is maintained. If you do not want that anymore, just keep growing to a full beard.

Short and tight

The name of this beard style suggests it is a lot shorter than the other Bart Trends 2017 featured here. Just a bit of a change from the classic full beard or neat, edgy and fading style. In this style too, the contours are sharply defined, the volume of the hair is kept deliberately lower to make the beard appear a little more minimalist.

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us ...

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The whiskers are thus kept shorter than a normal, robust beard. Nonetheless, proper care is an absolute necessity here as well. Just because you have to shave more often, so that the beard retains its shape, it is necessary that this is maintained. Beard oils are great for softening your hair and keeping your hair healthy.

Mustache aka mustache

A classic, which definitely knows how to attract attention, Mustache, or as he calls us: the mustache. Almost the entire face is clean shaven, only above the lip he appears, slightly curled to the side. Certainly the beard style, which requires the most dedication and attention and a certain courage. Because with this one is often the focus, promised!

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us ...

Photo by Åsmund Gimre on Unsplash

Comb, Scherre and beard oil are part of the Mustache everyday tools. But honestly, somehow he has something, the mustache. Should I maybe let me grow one !? Now I’m still interested, what’s your personal Bart Trend 2017?

Bart Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us ...

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