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Barber Paul DeSales From DTown Barbers

Barber Paul DeSales From DTown Barbers

Today we are pleased to introduce a talented Barbier from San Diego, Paul DeSales . Paul delivers modern styles and classic cuts from his Barber shop in downtown DTown hairdressers .

How did you get to the barber?

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, where I was born and raised, I later moved to San Diego, where I received my hairdressing license in 2012. I did not start cutting hair until I came to San Diego. Here is where I found my love for hair.

What do you like most as a barber?

I love to touch lives and make them feel better as they walk through the door. The feeling of self-confidence is something I enjoy and have a great experience. I love to change the way someone thinks about themselves. Watch a customer come in for the first time and let your magic work, the look is priceless.

Barber Paul DeSales From DTown Barbers

What is unique in your barbershop?

My barber shop is named DTown Hairdressers and is located in downtown San Diego. My shop is so unique that you can get the top styles from yesterday with today’s top trends. The store is run by my manager Eddie G. Who is a licensed beautician / cross-over. Next to him, we offer one of the most unique experiences for our customers. I recently entered into a hair contest and got the best combo / pompadour Los Angeles Xotics Hair Combat Tour 2015 and stay active to portray DTown Barbers.

What changes have you seen in the barber over the years?

I have seen more than all hairdressing hairstyles. Even with the rise in social media, it seems that nowadays everyone is a barber and becomes trendy.

Barber Paul DeSales From DTown Barbers

Where do you get inspiration from?

I get inspired by many styles from the past and work with my good friend Eddie, who is also a great inspiration to me. He has been with me since my opening at DTown Barbers.

How do you help customers find their best looks?

I offer a good basic advice and find a hairstyle that best suits your overall style.

What can men do at home to restore that fresh from barber style?

I advise all my customers to buy a hair dryer and to style the hair with a brush in the direction you want and apply the product with your fingers in a shaving motion.

What are the top hair trends for men this year?

I see more men moving from the popular Comb-Over to the Classic Messy Slick Back, easy to look after and look like a male. Do not be surprised the return of Mullet! JK

Barber Paul DeSales From DTown Barbers

Check back soon to see Paul’s work. We will show you his latest haircuts for you.

Barber Paul DeSales From DTown Barbers

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Barber Paul DeSales From DTown Barbers

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