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Barber Chad Gabriel

Today we bring you an exclusive interview with multiple award-winning barber Chad Gabriel Who works from his barbershop cut to the barbershop in San Francisco.

Chad is one of the best hairdressers in the United States and is a Hattori Hanzo artist and educator. He is a true innovator and known as the original creator of the “Under Fade” style.

Barber Chad Gabriel

1) How did you come to hair cut and styling?

I started at the beginning of high school when I was 14 years old. As the money ran out, I became my own barber to save the little money I had. I could save enough money to buy my own clipper to keep myself cared for. These tools were one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Not only could they pay for themselves in a short time, but I was also able to make a profit.

Barber Chad Gabriel

2) What do you like most as a barber?

Your hair plays a big role in this first impression. I think that hair is a representation of you and your character. I like it, if someone changes his appearance by changing his hairstyle, his personification can change.

Barber Chad Gabriel

3) What is unique about your barbershop?

Diversity has not only played a major role in San Francisco, but also plays an important role in influencing hairstyles. Impeccably blended transitions, precisely executed line-ups, elaborate hair designs, hairstyles influenced hairstyles up to magazine cover “Celebrity Hair” are just a few of the things we serve.

Barber Chad Gabriel

4) What changes have you seen in hairdressing and barbering over the years?

I’ve seen men keep their hair clean and well-groomed, men looking after their self-image with tailor-made hairstyles. I often realize that men are more aware of what their hair looks like, what products they use, and what brushes / combs they should use to achieve their desired style.

Barber Chad Gabriel

5) Where do you get inspiration from?

I let nature inspire me, like the natural movements and shapes found in nature, like textures and flowing lines. I integrate that into my hairstyle or designs. I like to see the shadow of shadows that the light creates, and use those shades to create precise mixed apertures on the hair. I like the hair flow and style to look organic and natural to the human eye. I feel that the things we see are naturally appealing to the eye.

6) How do you help customers find their best looks?

I always ask the client about his lifestyle and what he wants to do from day to day on the hairstyle. Are you the type to go for a stress-free hairstyle? Do you like a look that really stands out or are you the type who wants to style their hair before they go out? Once that’s done, I’ll cut the cut / style according to bone structure, anatomy and style.

7) What can the boys do at home to make the fresh out of the salon / barber style?

I start with the advice and teach the client his hair. At the end of the cut, I’ll show you how to style your hair. Giving the customer the hair dryer, brush and hair product in the shop to duplicate the hairstyle is a technique I often use to answer any questions they might encounter during the styling process. I’m a visual learner and I’ve noticed something as simple as taking out the customer’s camera phone and picking myself up by styling their hair can be a reference video that they can use later at home.

8) What are the top hair trends for men this year?

Underbidding and the Top Knot, also known as “Man Bun”, was one of the most sought-after styles this year. Customers grow their hair and are not afraid to tame them and apply a product to make it look the way they want. This year, clean cuts do not necessarily refer to the precise execution of the cut. Now, I find that messy hairstyles are referred to as “clean,” while more and more people demand form over shadow. Different variations in length and height in fades can make all the difference if these two simple haircuts look completely different on two people. Same concept, different way to wear it.

Barber Chad Gabriel

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