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Barber Anthony Giannotti

Today we have a fantastic interview with Anthony Giannotti , owner of Anthony’s Barbershop and Bottle and Barlow in Sacramento, California.

Barber Anthony Giannotti

How did you get to the barber?

In 2003, when I was still in college, I started making my own pomade in my kitchen. After college, I realized that I had a passion for hair, so I took a risk and went back to school to cut hair. I had never picked up a pair of hair clippers before I started the hairdressing college, but after a few weeks I fell in love with hair cutting and never looked back

What do you like most as a barber?

Sounds cheesy, but I like that people feel better about themselves. Look good, feel good.

Barber Anthony Giannotti

What is unique in your barbershop?

I own two hairdressing salons. My original store Anthony is great because it’s a modern take on a retro barbershop. We only do walk-ins, it is very rude and punk rock, and there is always an hour or two to wait. It’s a great opportunity to meet some of your neighbors and BS about boys.

My new store bottle and Barlow is higher end and only appointment. There is also a bar, so a drink for adults is included in the price of your hairstyle. We encourage people to hang out after their cut and watch as we cut from the disposable mirrors in the bar.

What changes have you seen in the barber over the years?

In the last ten years, I have seen amazing changes in the barber. Especially men go to hairdressing salons! When we started barbing in the mid-2000s, we had to fight tooth and nail to correct the image that barbers were a group of 80-year-old hackers. Barbering has really come to his right to take on some of the creativity and artistic flare-ups of cosmetology. It was a great honor to be able to watch.

Barber Anthony Giannotti

Where do you get inspiration from?

Honest, Instagram . Magazines, movies, and blogs are all great, but Instagram is unparalleled in choosing cuts from around the world. It really opened the doors to some incredibly talented barbers that we probably would never have heard because they are on the other side of the world.

How do you help customers find their best looks?

I ask them basic questions, how scarce the pages? Do you want to comb it out, back, forward or spike it? Then I look at her shoes and pants. If you’re wearing New Balance and Khakis, I’ll give you a much simpler version of the haircut you want. If you wear pants and $ 300 wingtips, you probably have more trouble in your looks. Nothing right or wrong with a look, I just want to give you a cut that you want or are willing to spend the time waiting for.

Barber Anthony Giannotti

What can men do at home to restore that fresh from barber style?

GET A FLIP DRYER! No matter what cut you get from your hairdresser or what hairstyle you have, and knowing how to use a hair dryer will help you.

What are the top hair trends for men this year?

Side panels, pompadours, really the same cuts as the last 4-5 years, but with a much more natural textured look. Big is in.

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Barber Anthony Giannotti

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